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My Pot Prediction

I’m no Sylvia Browne (thankfully), Miss Cleo (whew), or even Professor Marvel, but I am awesome and can totally see the future.

After Ohio legalizes marijuana next week, I think even more states are going to follow. They’ve been picking up over the last few years, but more-so since Colorado did it.

My prediction:

By the year 2021 the entire country will have legalized marijuana in one form or another at a state level. I originally thought by 2020, but gave it an extra year for insurance.

By then or shortly thereafter, the federal government will recognize this as a sign (finally) and legalize marijuana on a federal level, ending the fed’s raids on legal dispensaries in California and all over the rest of California. And everywhere else, too.

Crime will go down, underage use will go down, tax revenue will go up, and the country will rebound from the shitty hole it has been in for the last decade and a half. This will seemingly be the answer to all of the country’s financial problems, the recession will be over, and a ton of pot supporters around the world will say, “We told you so.” Because for the longest time, they’ve all been saying “If we legalized weed, the country’s deficit would be gone in days.”

These are my predictions. Where’s my TV show?

Ohio’s Issue 3

Coming up next month will be a historic time for Ohio. Voters will be able to vote on Issue 3, which if it passes, will give us legal marijuana. YAY PROGRESS! A group called ResponsibleOhio got it on the ballot.

This particular campaign is doing some firsts. 1, if it goes through, Ohio will be the first state in the midwest to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, and 2, it will be the first state to make recreational use legal before medical marijuana was made legal. The vote in November is to bring both medical marijuana and recreational use to the state.

Now, I’m not big into politics, and before this I had no idea what ResponsibleOhio was all about. However, I’m starting to see a whole lot of people who are for legalization, bashing them and their causes, and their supposed real reasons for doing this. The biggest of which is, they’re going to make tons of money off of it.

Apparently the people who make up ResponsibleOhio are a dozen or so millionaires who have their own agendas. And who would have ever thought business people would want to capitalize on their investments?

In the beginning I was all for Issue 3. Let’s just get it legalized and go from there. And then, the more I started listening to the opposition, the more I started seeing their side. Some of the biggest complaints are that RO is going to keep other businesses from moving in and selling weed (monopolization), and they’re going to be tax exempt, like churches.

I don’t like monopolization, and I don’t like tax exempt. If I have to pay taxes, everyone should have to pay taxes. Fuck them and their above-the-law attitude.

But then, I started thinking again. I don’t plan on opening a dispensary any time soon, so I don’t care who owns all of the business in the state. I don’t care who’s making all the money. I really don’t give a fuck. All I care about is that people who need weed can finally get it for their ailments legally. Myself included. It’s the only thing, ironically, that helps me with my paranoia and anxiety.
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Safeway, Man


Delivery Tales: The High And The Mighty

These stories of my pizza delivering job have become a sort of underground hit here in the House o’ Fun, so I thought I’d share a few different stories since nothing really crazy happens enough.

Our delivery area is huge. Technically our range is a six mile radius from our store, but we go well beyond that in all directions. Basically if the customer is willing to take care of the driver, we’ll deliver it. I almost delivered to someone in Lawrenceburg, Indiana one night, which would have been over an hour drive each way. My manager had already told them no and hung up, otherwise I would have done it.

Despite being surrounded by high-end neighborhoods, there is a lot of country areas we go to, and a lot of backwoods places. The guy who tipped me in farm fresh eggs was in one of those places.

Because of this, I go to some really cool places and see some really cool things. Well, cool for me anyway. As a kid my dad and I would often drive around. Gas wasn’t so expensive back then, and it was a way for us to spend time together while not spending a lot of money. We always had fun spending almost an entire day just driving around, usually through the country areas where he grew up. So for me, driving around through the country and seeing places I’ve never seen before is an adventure.

Recently I had the privilege of delivering to this house that sat off of a side street of a side street, back in the woods. The subdivision, if you can call it that, is made up of an entire array of homes, from trailers to double story farm houses and everything in between. I’ve never seen so many different types of houses in one subdivision. They’re all older houses and no two are alike.

The first time I delivered to this house, I found that they lived on a one way road at the back end of this community. It was snowing hard that night and I had a hard time navigating the untreated roads. I thought to myself, “Man, if one of these houses catches on fire, they’re kind of fucked. No fire truck is going to be able to get back here.”

I found the house and had to park on the street since pulling into the driveway would have been disastrous. It didn’t matter, I was the only one in the neighborhood driving. When I got out I saw the house across the street from where I was delivering had burned down.

I told the customer my thoughts on the way in and then how I saw the house across from them and the guy told me how it had just burned down a year ago. I asked why and he said “The fire trucks couldn’t make it in.”

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To Weed Or Not To Weed

Those of you who read this blog should know that I’m a supporter of marijuana and the legalization of it. Or just the decriminalization, I don’t care which. It’s not hard to know, I’ve posted about it before and I got some links around the place that show I support NORML and like-minded groups. And unless marijuana anally rapes my mother while pouring sugar in my gas tank I’ll probably always support it, whether I smoke it or not.

Which right now I do not.

You see, I quit a few months back so that I could get a job, and there lies the reason for this post.

I don’t think it’s a jobs business what I do in my off hours, as long as it doesn’t affect my ability to perform at work. Do they care what I’m eating? A shitty diet can lead to disease or impairment that might affect what I do on the job, but nobody’s giving me a pre-employment blood screening for diabetes or cholesterol content. Hell, they don’t even care what it is I eat while there on my lunch break, as long as it isn’t human remains.

I could go on and on with what kind of off the wall, crazy, illegal bullshit I could be doing in my private time and how no job gives a flying fuck about any of it, but I won’t. What I will say is, the fact that any job pre-screens for drugs is bullshit, and here’s why.

I guess I should first clarify that no job should care if anybody smokes weed. It’s not a drug. It’s just not. Drugs are man made. If someone altered some random plant that before did absolutely nothing and then after made you high, then it would be a drug. But marijuana has grown with its properties since before man walked this earth. If dinosaurs knew how to roll a joint they would have been getting high long before us.


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