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Game Review: Rage

I picked up a copy of the newest release by id Software and Bethesda, Rage, and first let me say, the game is beautiful.

It’s a well designed, almost flawless game. There are few glitches (currently none) but expect some to be in it, since no game is 100% perfect. It’s got a good story, has a lot of action and some ultra badass baddies.

There’s also a nice selection of voices for the game, like John Goodman who plays, of all names, a guy named Dan.

I’ve totally enjoyed playing the game and look forward to continuing my journey. Currently I’m in Wellspring, for those who have played or will play the game, this is a town that you go to for work and to get missions to further your progression in the game. This is also where you get to upgrade a lot of your stuff, namely, your vehicles.

The only downside, which I just found out via Joe (Porksausage) who just beat the game today, is that when it’s over, it’s over. There’s no free roam option after the game is done, like in basically every game by Rockstar.

This pisses me off to no end. Why would a game developer develop such a gorgeous game and a beautiful world if you can’t go out and enjoy it whenever you want? Just traveling around on the game shows you an awesome world with what seem to be many possibilities for exploration. Once the game is over, you can’t go exploring.

I really don’t know how to feel about that other than to be pissed. I don’t understand it. What would be the harm in having a free roam option? I think it would guarantee those playing the game would continue to play the game. Sure, as it stands it has a high replay value, but if I don’t like not having an option of either replaying the game or just roaming around doing my own thing.

As stated, Rockstar has that ability on their games, like the GTA series or even Red Dead Redemption. When I owned GTA 3, I beat the game and then played it non stop until the game actually destroyed my PS2 and the disc itself. I’ve beaten Red Dead Redemption and still play the hell out of it just doing whatever I feel like. And for both games, I also restarted the game from the beginning while also loading the beaten game and roamed around doing nothing in particular. Why? Because the option was there.

I’ll probably hang onto Rage (which for the record the name of the game doesn’t make much sense cause there’s no Rage at all in the game other than shooting and killing a lot of people, it should have been called Wasteland) and replay the game once I’m done with it, but I don’t think I’ll be hanging onto it much longer than that. I’ll probably trade it in for something else. Until then, though, I will try to get as many achievements as possible before turning it in.

All in all though, I highly recommend this game. It’s a lot of fun, very challenging even on the Normal setting which is what I’m playing it on, and if nothing else it will offer you quite a few hours of entertainment. Joe told me it took him 13 hours to beat the game. I’m looking at my 360 version and the three discs that came with it and wondering though, 13 hours? I was figuring more like 100. Red Dead took about 60 hours to beat and it only had one disc. We shall see. Until then, go pick it up.