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Steve Perry And The Eels

I guess technically it’s Steve Perry and Eels, but then you might have expected him swimming in a tank with a bunch of watery snakes wrapped around him. Cause you know, Eels don’t like to be called THE Eels. I guess they have an Eagles chip on their shoulder.

I find it interesting how I just did 25 days of songs and both Eels and Journey were included. Now I see in the news how Steve Perry, legendary singer for Journey, has come out of hiding and sang a couple of songs with Eels in Minnesota.

Sure we’ll probably never see him with Journey again, but that’s okay with me. Arnel is doing a great job there, and even though he’s living a dream now, I’m sure it would still suck to have to give it up, even if it was to Perry.

Anyway, I found this out because of Facebook’s trending thing, and I read the story on Stereogum.

Sure it was recorded with a cell phone, and typically I hate those videos, but this is the only video we have of what would otherwise most likely be just a story and not a video. Check it out below!

25 Songs, Day 22

A song that someone has sung to me.

Back when I hung out at this one particular bar, one of the bartenders there loved this song, and she would sing it when it was played on the jukebox. One night she sung it to me. She had an amazing voice, and I’ve loved this song ever since then, because of her.

Then again, I am a fan of Journey, so there’s that.