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25 Songs, Day 21

My favorite song.

My favorite song happens to be by one of my favorite artists ever, Bobby Bare Jr. His band, Bare Jr., I was in love with, and ever since they broke up I’ve been following Bobby’s career. I think he’s the greatest singer/songwriter of this generation. His music is amazing, his songs are amazing and he’s completely unique. I just wish he’d take himself a bit more seriously in his live shows. Other than that, he rules.

I’m so glad someone uploaded this to Youtube. I could listen to this forever. I love the strings at the end of it. They start off subtly and then get louder, and it dominates my face. I just wish the song was another 10 minutes long. He has a great way of writing arrangements and I’d love to see where he could go with this song. But I’ll take what I can get. Love this. And the album it’s from is amazing, from beginning to end. Seriously, I could be his biggest fan, and that is NOT a fat joke.