Pictures I’ve submitted to If you like one enough, click it and it will take you to the Cheezburger page for it where you can vote on it.

i nawt think deez mine

dats big cheezburger

u may be laffing  but i gets candy!

wet kitteh  nawt happeh

kitteh in da box  always entertaining

I wud walk 500 miles...

How iz it?

LOLZ!  Dat wuz gud ones! Tel nudder!

Kans I keeps it?

Wen I get to uver syd...  I'll tells u y.

ate too much  feel lik a pigeh

So...  how U doin?

Shur I like fish, but he bigger than meh.

Stiky pawz, chek.  Now I jus need to werk on my kamofloj...

I kan sav u money on ur kar inshurans bebeh.

I sleep wif u, ok?

U got meh!

yup...  im bout to starts sumthing...

u found meh  now u go hyd

I shur hope he not hav mecsicun todeh.

i gives u  vulkan nek bite

i tel u ef u kant swims  stay owt uv pewl

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