Funny Pics

From time to time I come across funny pictures on the internet. Pictures that crack me the fuck up. I’ve been posting them to my Facebook account, now I’ll post them here as well. After all, this is supposed to be a House ‘o Fun, right?

The story is what makes this funny. My wife and I were in Family Dollar picking up some things when we passed by the clothing. Each rack had this sign on it. They were all over. This guy was looking at shirts and he asks this employee about the sale. "So everything's 60% off?" She said no and explained the deal to him. He then said "well that's bullshit, nobody mentioned that. That's not a sale." I immediately took a picture of the sign. Yeah, nobody mentioned it at all, did they asshole?

A Christmas time electric candle my mom has. Doesn't the part that is supposed to be the flame (when on) look just like a giant sperm?! My mom turned it on and after a few minutes it started smoking. She wondered out loud why it was doing that and I said "because it's a sperm."

From "23 Pranks That Fictional Characters Probably Get A Lot" at

From "23 Pranks That Fictional Characters Probably Get A Lot" at

Stolen off of Scott's blog. Thanks Scott! (Stuph Blog)

Why don't they just build a bridge for them?

I can't stop laughing. And I haven't read the story yet.

The world according to Americans. (Click it.)

From Maddox's website. (Click it.)

Amen. If only I had this when I was taking pictures for my self published picture book No Parking.

This reminds me of Earthworm Jim. During the game a question comes up, "What color is Jim's red gun?" And none of the three options were red. I think the correct answer was blue.

Doesn't this just disgust the shit out of you? It does me, so much so that I can't stop laughing. What a nasty bitch.

Click it.

We've all lived here before...

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