What They Be Doin’ Now? Crash Test Dummies

I didn’t want to do these back to back, but I have nothing to write about and I want to write. So here we go with another episode of Where The Fuck They At Now, Bitch?

This time around I’m picking everyone’s favorite Canadian band from the ’90s, the Crash Test Dummies!

I remember how I came to be a fan. I hadn’t heard anything on the radio, but I was a regular visitor to a music store in Forest Fair Mall, just north of Cincinnati. As of right now I can’t remember the name of the store, but I remember exactly where it was. I also have quite a few other stories about that store.

It was the store where I first bought a Green Day album. My buddy, The Cinema Sadist, had turned me on to Green Day right after “Dookie” came out. It wasn’t a hit right away, and he bought it and brought it to my house to listen to. It wasn’t until about a week later that they were getting radio play and people were quickly jumping on the band wagon.

He went to a record store afterward and saw they had two other albums out. These were the two Lookout! released albums before they got major label backing and became the band you know now. He had picked up the first one, “1,000 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.” My dad took me to the store I mentioned above where I saw that one and the other, “Kerplunk.” I figured since my buddy had the first, I’d get “Kerplunk,” and that’s when I got that and “Dookie.” ON CASSETTE.

It was also where I got one of the first AC/DC shirts I ever owned.


It was also where I decided I wasn’t going to listen to Ace Of Bass.

It was ALSO where I discovered the Crash Test Dummies. Oh right, back to them.

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What They Be Doin’ Now? Spin Doctors

Here’s a band I haven’t heard from since the early ’90s. The Spin Doctors! Remember them? Of course you do! They’re this band!

I was never a really big fan of theirs, but I did like the previous tune, and still do. Here’s another of their hits, though I’m unfamiliar with this one. Now that I listen to it, it’s not too bad.

So, what got me to thinking about them? No fucking idea. It’s just that when I started this concept with The Presidents of the United States of America, I thought I’d have done like, a million more of these since then, but I haven’t. And just now I was in a blogging mood, figured I’d do one, and for some unknown reason the Spin Doctors popped into my head.

So now I’ll tell you what I do know about them. They formed in the ’80s and called themselves Trucking Company, and John Popper was in the band. You know, the lead singer of Blues Traveler. He left Trucking Company to do Blues Traveler full time. Good move. Then they added a couple guys and changed their name to Spin Doctors in 1989.

Around that time, they played a lot with Blues Traveler and a hippie jam band called the Ominous Seapods, who I am a fan of. I’m not sure how easy or hard it might be now to find music by the Seapods, but when I found the few songs I did, it was rather difficult. They didn’t last long though. From what I understand they get together every now and then for a reunion show.

Anyway, Blues Traveler made it big, of course, and the Spin Doctors were pretty big in the early ’90s as well. So, what the fuck are they up to now?

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Great Commercials: Jolly Rancher

If you haven’t seen the Jolly Rancher commercials, you’re missing out. The animated shorts are pretty entertaining, and they’re followed by the new (I guess) motto for Jolly Rancher, “Keep On Sucking,” which is fucking awesome if you ask me. Which you didn’t.

This is the first one I saw, and it’s the most recent. Perfect for Christmas.

Election 2016 And Future Elections

I was just talking to my mom about the upcoming election. The conversation started when I said how excited I was for this coming Tuesday because this whole fucking thing will be over. She agreed, and said it’ll just turn into something else to get on our nerves, to which I agreed and said we’ll have four years of people bitching about who the new President is.


It was then, that I had a fantastic idea.

I think for all future elections, whatever party the Presidential candidate is, their running mate should be the opposite. Democratic President? Republican Vice-President. If anything it would make all of the bitching and finger pointing towards each candidate more interesting. And hey, maybe it would even things out a bit in the White House.

Because it really doesn’t matter who wins, things are going to suck. It doesn’t matter who wins, because half of the country is going to bitch about the President for their entire term. Obama is almost out of office and people have taken time out of bitching about this election, to complain about him. He’s almost fucking gone and people are still bitching. Let it the fuck go. Ain’t you people ever happy? Holy shit.


It doesn’t matter who you vote for, or how you vote, there are plenty of people out there who are going to tell you you’re wrong or you’re wasting your vote. A couple weeks ago I made a comment on a friends post about the election, where I said both candidates suck and I’m voting third party. Holy shit. One guy decided to write a short story on not only how wrong my vote was, but how much of a piece of shit I am. He cussed me out and called me all kinds of things. This guy has no idea who I am, yet felt completely obligated to cuss me out because I wasn’t voting exactly like he was.

The best part is, I get to share this country with him. He is my fellow American citizen. That guy.
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This is a voting year unlike any we’ve had, maybe ever. For years I’ve said that we shouldn’t vote until they give us somebody to vote for. Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country vote because they think they’re making a difference. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. This year we have to pick between one of the worst candidates ever, and another one of the worst candidates ever.

My problem, or one of them anyway, is that we are told who to vote for. Our choices are limited. I don’t belong to a side. And those who are, mostly always vote for their candidate, no matter how good or bad that candidate is. That is not good. That’s being close minded, and that’s being irresponsible with your vote. If everybody was a “middle of the road” voter, the votes would be more unbiased. But that’s never going to happen.

As a person who has no political affiliation, I’m constantly torn between voting for one shitty candidate and another shitty candidate.

Could I vote for a third party? Sure, but will they win? Hell no. Not with so many staunch left and right voters. Third party candidates aren’t even allowed to be in the debates. And there are people who say the system isn’t rigged.

This year, I’ve lost more friends (on Facebook) than ever before over the election. Of those I’ve unfriended, none were because of who they were voting for. They were all because of their shitty attitudes.

This is yet another problem I have. We’re all Americans, yet we turn into assholes during election season, and we start hating, literally hating, our fellow Americans. United we stand, eh? Politics and religion bring out the worst in people. And I’m sick of it.
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