Paging Doctor House

I’ve always been a fan of the show House M.D. but during its initial run I missed quite a lot of episodes. With it being on Netflix currently, I decided to start at the beginning and watch every episode. Not binge-style, mind you, just every now and then I’d throw an episode on and enjoy it.

I finally got to the end of the second season the other day, and then yesterday I started the third. And that’s where I started noticing shit that I should’ve noticed way before now, and it stuck with me. I wasn’t going to write anything because the show has been off the air for four years now and I’m sure I’m not the first person to notice these things. But it kept eating at me, so I thought what the fuck, why not?

To catch you up. The second season ended with House being shot in his office by some dude. The entire episode is an hallucination inside House’s head because of blood loss, which you don’t find out until the end of the episode. During, however, he discovers a certain drug given to him during surgery should help him get full use of his leg back and no pain. It isn’t said or shown, but you can guess that he has it done in real life once he comes out of his hallucination at the end of the episode and tells Cuddy to give him that drug.

The beginning of the third season shows him running to work, which is apparently 8 miles from where he lives. The procedure worked and his leg works. He’s in such a good mood he decides to take on two cases. One turns out to be relatively easy, but the other involves a man who is completely paraplegic and has basically no real life other than being stuck in a wheel chair and being unable to move. House thinks he can fix the guy.

Here’s where I started noticing things. First of all, in every episode, every one of the main characters spends some time over-analyzing one of the others, or perhaps even the patients and/or their families. Once I noticed it, it pissed me off. If it’s character building, I think by the third season they’ve built enough. We got it by now.

These moments are time filler. Sure they can make for some interesting banter, and every now and then they actually help push along the story, on a whole they could all be left out and nothing would suffer except the time of the show. The only thing I learn from each one of these sessions is that not-so-secretly everybody hates everybody else.

With this particular episode I noticed a few things that taught me more about the characters than their over-analysis of each other. Like…
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Contains Real Blog!

For at least the last year I’ve noticed on certain frozen foods where there will be a spot on the packaging that informs you the food is made with real cheese. From lasagna to pizza, I see it all the time. Of course, I see it all the time now because I’m looking for it, but still, it bothers me. What about the rest of the ingredients? And why, of all of the ingredients, is cheese the one they think people are concerned about more than any other?

I did a Google Image Search for one of the packages and discovered something I’ve never seen before. Messages showing “real beef” and “real tomatoes.” I think it’s a conspiracy, because I only searched products I’ve purchased before, and I’ve never seen those two. Just cheese.

Now it's made with fresh cheese? What was it made with before?

Now it’s made with fresh cheese? What was it made with before?

What bothers me more is, why isn’t anyone else concerned with this? Wouldn’t it bother you if you bought a car and they advertised the stereo was made with quality parts? Great, but what about the rest of it?
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Norwood Taco Bell Sucks

The Taco Bell in Norwood, Ohio, has been terrible for as long as I can remember. I’ve heard plenty of others bitch about the place over the years, but here’s a quick story of what happened to me today just to give you a bit of insight as to how much this place sucks. It’s suckage makes it one of, if not the worst, Taco Bell’s in Cincinnati.

For starters, they’re the only TB I know that doesn’t serve breakfast.

Second, they’re combined with a KFC, and I’ve never had a good experience from any Taco Bell combined with a KFC.

They’ve got one a half stars on Yelp. The first review is quite clearly a plant by either Taco Bell or Yelp. The rest of them are spot on.

Never mind this place being slow as hell all the time, no matter when you go or how many other people are eating there, chances are very good that they’re going to fuck your order up, if they even take it right to begin with. At the drive-thru, when the rest of the modern world has switched to TVs at the microphone so you can see what your order is as you’re placing it, this TB/KFC still has the old fashioned microphone only. That’s so you have no idea if they’re taking your order right or not.

They have a bunch of Mexicans working there. I don’t have a problem with that per say, but sometimes they stick one in the drive-thru and they usually just barely speak English.

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Welcome Back, Me!

Thanks, me. No problem, me.

Yeah, it has been a while since I’ve posted. Since January, actually. The reason for this is, the computer I’ve had for the last 15 years finally died on me and only today was I able to get a new one. Yeah, my old computer first came with XP on it, and then when Vista came out I put that on it, and that’s how it died. With Vista. Kinda sad, actually.

Since I’ve been gone some things have happened. Weed is almost legal everywhere now, Donald Chump and Killary Clinton are fighting for the White House, a kid had a gorilla killed, and mass people have been killed in Orlando, just to name a few things.

So, what do I think about them? Well, the gorilla thing pissed me off, since it happened in my city, and the gorilla was the one shot and killed, not the parent or the kid. I hate people, which you all should know by now. I love animals. The more people I meet, the more I love animals. I was super pissed when they killed the gorilla. And all for what? To save some dumbass kid who is probably going to grow up to be just as big a dumbass as his mom, maybe more so? Great. We have a planet overpopulated with people, most of which are dumbasses, so let’s save one who MIGHT be injured or killed by a gorilla. MIGHT. That was a word thrown around a lot in that case. We can’t live with mights.

So, 50 killed in Orlando? Good. Fuck ’em.

Chump and Killary? Fuck them, too. And the United States if either is elected president, which sadly it looks like one will be.

Fuck this whole place. The world is coming to an end. Let’s party. Weed’s legal now.

On a terrible, last minute side note, I think I don’t like my new computer. The keyboard isn’t keeping up with me. I’m not happy about that. I’m a fucking writer for crying out loud. This isn’t cool.

Restroom Encounters: Red Robin

For some strange reason, I’ve had some interesting things happen to me in public restrooms, and none of the sexy variety. Just strange. If any of you follow Twindaddy’s blog (which is gone, and I am sad), I once posted a story there about an experience I had at a Hooter’s, and since his blog is no longer there, I’ll repost the story here some time. A few strange moments happened there, in the restroom, and ever since then I’ve had some other random, crazy experiences in restrooms.

Here’s a new one. Just happened to me.

My wife and I were out tonight running some errands, and suddenly I had to pee. We were near a mall and a ton of shopping centers and stores. I was about to pull into a gas station to use their bathroom when I remembered there was a Red Robin up ahead of the gas station, attached to the mall. In order to eat there you have to go to their entrance from inside the mall, but they have a “rear” door where you can get in directly from the parking lot. Just off of that entrance are the bathrooms. You don’t even have to really enter the restaurant in order to use their bathrooms.

I decided to go there instead, because they always keep their bathrooms nicer than BP’s do.

I got lucky and found a parking spot real close to the entrance. I went in and entered the bathroom. There were one or two urinals and two stalls. As I went towards the stall at the back of the bathroom (cause I always use a stall) I noticed there was a guy standing at a urinal. I didn’t look right at him, just caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye. Because I just got that corner of the eye glimpse at him, I’m only just kind of sure that I saw him turn to look at me as I went by.

Now, this is exactly why I go to stalls. Because I need a bit of privacy when I go to the bathroom. Remember how paranoid I am? Well, I need privacy in the fucking bathroom. I don’t need there to be people behind me watching me pee into a toilet hanging off the wall.

That, and, this guy.
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