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25 Songs, Day 25

A song I could listen to all day without getting sick of.

I guess I could list quite a few songs like that. Like my favorite song ever, which was just a couple of days ago, or quite a few others. However, I’ll end this 25 day challenge with another of my favorite songs. It’s actually my casket song. Someone once asked me what that was, and it was such an interesting idea that I had to think on it, and finally came up with this one.

Your casket song, by the way, is a song that you could listen to forever. Basically, if you have the chance to listen to one song inside your casket, for the rest of eternity, what song would it be. This is mine, and my answer to todays prompt.

25 Songs, Day 24

A song that I have danced to with my best friend.

I said it before, I don’t dance. I did the dance that goes with this song, once, with someone I knew, so here it goes.

25 Songs, Day 23

A song that I can’t stand to listen to.

Normally I would say anything by Rush. But lately I’ve been more appreciative of them. Any Japanese girl rock band pretty much disgusts me. But I don’t know any of them and don’t care to, so I can’t post it here.

Ok, my wife made a good suggestion, or a terrible suggestion, however you look at it. I have to say terrible. This is terrible. And this dude has fans. Good for him.

I read some comments where people were talking about how horrible this shit is, and some fan was yelling at them, saying the message in his words is a great message. Sure, it is a great message, but his shit still sucks. I don’t care what the message is. If he was giving out winning Powerball numbers, I’d still rather shoot myself in the face than listen to his songs to get the message.

Ok, to you, I’m sorry for this. Watch it if you must, but I strongly suggest not.

Bad, right? I watched a video of him on some late night talk show. He was playing his song and at some point, after just a couple of minutes, they cut him off. It was hysterical.

25 Songs, Day 22

A song that someone has sung to me.

Back when I hung out at this one particular bar, one of the bartenders there loved this song, and she would sing it when it was played on the jukebox. One night she sung it to me. She had an amazing voice, and I’ve loved this song ever since then, because of her.

Then again, I am a fan of Journey, so there’s that.

25 Songs, Day 21

My favorite song.

My favorite song happens to be by one of my favorite artists ever, Bobby Bare Jr. His band, Bare Jr., I was in love with, and ever since they broke up I’ve been following Bobby’s career. I think he’s the greatest singer/songwriter of this generation. His music is amazing, his songs are amazing and he’s completely unique. I just wish he’d take himself a bit more seriously in his live shows. Other than that, he rules.

I’m so glad someone uploaded this to Youtube. I could listen to this forever. I love the strings at the end of it. They start off subtly and then get louder, and it dominates my face. I just wish the song was another 10 minutes long. He has a great way of writing arrangements and I’d love to see where he could go with this song. But I’ll take what I can get. Love this. And the album it’s from is amazing, from beginning to end. Seriously, I could be his biggest fan, and that is NOT a fat joke.