Album Review: Revolution Radio

I first became a Green Day fan when “Dookie” was released back in 1994. Now, over 20 years later, I’m jamming on another great album by them.

I appreciate that as artists they continue to push their own envelope by putting out something different while maintaining their sound. If you hear a Green Day song, you know it’s a Green Day song. Yet they’ve done everything from Punk to Rock Opera to an album that came across as more of an Unplugged album, and everything has been awesome.

I loved everything they put out from their two Lookout! Records albums up to “American Idiot.” I love “American Idiot,” but I didn’t want another one. So I didn’t bother listening to anything after that, until a couple weeks ago when I first heard “Bang Bang” on the radio, and I was hooked again.

As soon as it was available I acquired myself a copy of “Revolution Radio” and gave it a listen. I’m still listening. And listening.


This album has straight up Punk songs, meaningful songs, Rock Opera sounding songs… but it’s all so well done, well thought out, well written, well performed… it truly is an amazing album.

I have my favorites, but I think my absolute favorite song on the album (for now anyway) would have to be between the title track, “Youngblood,” or “Forever Now.” Wanna hear them?

You can pretty much listen to the whole album on Youtube. Anyway, I think this is one of their best, and I’m glad I got back into them. I was actually missing their stuff.

4 responses to “Album Review: Revolution Radio

  1. (4?? JFC I was 20 when they came out?? Seems like longer…lol. Theyre ok. New stuff seems alright too. Pretty much like like everything else of theirs.

    • Yeah, it sounds like them for sure, but there is a different sound on this album, at least in a few songs. Just things they haven’t done before in tunes, which I like. They’re expanding while maintaining themselves. Pretty cool.

  2. Look forward to listening. I also have heard “Bang Bang” and it fn rocked. Look forward to listening to more.

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