What They Be Doin’ Now? Spin Doctors

Here’s a band I haven’t heard from since the early ’90s. The Spin Doctors! Remember them? Of course you do! They’re this band!

I was never a really big fan of theirs, but I did like the previous tune, and still do. Here’s another of their hits, though I’m unfamiliar with this one. Now that I listen to it, it’s not too bad.

So, what got me to thinking about them? No fucking idea. It’s just that when I started this concept with The Presidents of the United States of America, I thought I’d have done like, a million more of these since then, but I haven’t. And just now I was in a blogging mood, figured I’d do one, and for some unknown reason the Spin Doctors popped into my head.

So now I’ll tell you what I do know about them. They formed in the ’80s and called themselves Trucking Company, and John Popper was in the band. You know, the lead singer of Blues Traveler. He left Trucking Company to do Blues Traveler full time. Good move. Then they added a couple guys and changed their name to Spin Doctors in 1989.

Around that time, they played a lot with Blues Traveler and a hippie jam band called the Ominous Seapods, who I am a fan of. I’m not sure how easy or hard it might be now to find music by the Seapods, but when I found the few songs I did, it was rather difficult. They didn’t last long though. From what I understand they get together every now and then for a reunion show.

Anyway, Blues Traveler made it big, of course, and the Spin Doctors were pretty big in the early ’90s as well. So, what the fuck are they up to now?

Well, their website is still active and their last album was in 2013 called If The River Was Whiskey. I listened to the first three songs on that page I just linked, and while you only get the first minute or so of each, it was still enough that I really fucking liked it and I think I’m going to have to get the album. Real bluesy, yet rocking. I look forward to owning that one.


Also, apparently it’s still the same guys, too, which is impressive. I didn’t see any tour dates on their site though, so I can imagine they probably only get together once in a while to do anything. Like, a side project or whatever. Their singer, Chris Barron, still does stuff by himself. The last shows they did as a band, apparently, were in 2014.

So I guess that’s it for this edition. If you are a fan, I’m sure you either knew this stuff or are happy to hear it. For the rest of you, I bid you adieu.

3 responses to “What They Be Doin’ Now? Spin Doctors

  1. Lil miss cant be wrong was the one I heard on the radio all the time back then. Didnt even know they had more than one hit.

    • Yeah lol. I’ve found most people thought that way about them. Unless they were die hard fans. Turns out their music is pretty good. It’s a shame I only found this out. Sometimes I think if I could go back to the 90s and really get into the culture and listen to more of the 90s bands, I probably would’ve had an even better time. I mean, my favorite band in the 90s was AC/DC lol. Not so much a 90s band.

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