What They Be Doin’ Now? Crash Test Dummies

I didn’t want to do these back to back, but I have nothing to write about and I want to write. So here we go with another episode of Where The Fuck They At Now, Bitch?

This time around I’m picking everyone’s favorite Canadian band from the ’90s, the Crash Test Dummies!

I remember how I came to be a fan. I hadn’t heard anything on the radio, but I was a regular visitor to a music store in Forest Fair Mall, just north of Cincinnati. As of right now I can’t remember the name of the store, but I remember exactly where it was. I also have quite a few other stories about that store.

It was the store where I first bought a Green Day album. My buddy, The Cinema Sadist, had turned me on to Green Day right after “Dookie” came out. It wasn’t a hit right away, and he bought it and brought it to my house to listen to. It wasn’t until about a week later that they were getting radio play and people were quickly jumping on the band wagon.

He went to a record store afterward and saw they had two other albums out. These were the two Lookout! released albums before they got major label backing and became the band you know now. He had picked up the first one, “1,000 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.” My dad took me to the store I mentioned above where I saw that one and the other, “Kerplunk.” I figured since my buddy had the first, I’d get “Kerplunk,” and that’s when I got that and “Dookie.” ON CASSETTE.

It was also where I got one of the first AC/DC shirts I ever owned.


It was also where I decided I wasn’t going to listen to Ace Of Bass.

It was ALSO where I discovered the Crash Test Dummies. Oh right, back to them.

Every time I would go to that store they would have giant posters hanging up in their windows outside of the store advertising current albums, and one album that had just come out was “God Shuffled His Feet.”


Still to this day, that is one of my all time favorite complete albums.

This is the album that made them famous for a minute. With hit songs such as…

It was such a hit that Weird Al decided to make fun of it, and HIS song became a classic.

While the whole album was awesome, my favorite song was, and still is, “Afternoons And Coffeespoons.”

I don’t know how anybody could listen to that and not be put in a good mood.

I found a cassette single of “MMM MMM MMM MMM” from when they performed it live at the new Woodstock. The B side was “Afternoons And Coffeespoons.”

What I found from that Woodstock track, and then years later on Youtube, the Crash Test Dummies were also excellent in concert. Nothing wrong there.

So, after half a novel… Where The Fuck What They Doin’ About Now?

Every now and then they get together for a show here and there, but that’s about it. They put out a new album in 2010 called “Oooh La-La!” I’ve only heard a couple tracks and so far they sound pretty good. A little more laid back, and Brad is keeping it extra deep, vocally.

Aside from that, Brad does one or two man shows every now and then around Canada, but his last shows he has listed on the official Crash Test Dummies site were in November of this year, and the last was canceled.

6 responses to “What They Be Doin’ Now? Crash Test Dummies

  1. Yay…I’m glad you are writing, dang it!

    I remember Weird Al’s version more than the original.

    Thank you for the update.

    • I totally understand the CTD are kind of a novelty act to most people, but I love their type of music. There are some great messages in a lot of songs, but most of their songs are just out there, and that’s fine by me. They’re having fun and it shows.

  2. Never heard them before. Heard OF them, they just never pinged my radar at the time. Not bad.

    • Each album has a different sound, which I like, but some of them just don’t work. The most recent one, however, sounds like it might be pretty good. Just different than God Shuffled His Feet, which isn’t bad, but I think God… was the best thing they’ve done.

      • Hmm, Ill look into them some on my youtube forays.

      • Definitely. There’s some videos that for some reason are hard to find, but they’re on Youtube. It was right after they put out God Shuffled His Feet and they do the entire album front to back live. And it’s awesome. Sounds just like the album, only live. And the one chick who plays keyboards for them is so hot lol.

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