Election 2016 And Future Elections

I was just talking to my mom about the upcoming election. The conversation started when I said how excited I was for this coming Tuesday because this whole fucking thing will be over. She agreed, and said it’ll just turn into something else to get on our nerves, to which I agreed and said we’ll have four years of people bitching about who the new President is.


It was then, that I had a fantastic idea.

I think for all future elections, whatever party the Presidential candidate is, their running mate should be the opposite. Democratic President? Republican Vice-President. If anything it would make all of the bitching and finger pointing towards each candidate more interesting. And hey, maybe it would even things out a bit in the White House.

Because it really doesn’t matter who wins, things are going to suck. It doesn’t matter who wins, because half of the country is going to bitch about the President for their entire term. Obama is almost out of office and people have taken time out of bitching about this election, to complain about him. He’s almost fucking gone and people are still bitching. Let it the fuck go. Ain’t you people ever happy? Holy shit.


It doesn’t matter who you vote for, or how you vote, there are plenty of people out there who are going to tell you you’re wrong or you’re wasting your vote. A couple weeks ago I made a comment on a friends post about the election, where I said both candidates suck and I’m voting third party. Holy shit. One guy decided to write a short story on not only how wrong my vote was, but how much of a piece of shit I am. He cussed me out and called me all kinds of things. This guy has no idea who I am, yet felt completely obligated to cuss me out because I wasn’t voting exactly like he was.

The best part is, I get to share this country with him. He is my fellow American citizen. That guy.

And people wonder why I hate this country and why I hate all people. I love America, I just hate everyone in it. The government is a giant fucking joke, it lies to its very people all the time, and there are still people out there who happily take it up the ass with the government’s bullshit because they’re so in the dark they were born without eyes.

The American people.

The American people.

Then my mom had an excellent idea. Well two, actually. The first was that maybe, JUST MAYBE, our next President will be assassinated. Now, I’m not saying I condone that behavior, but considering Bill Clinton was the first President to be impeached in so many years, maybe Hillary will follow suit and be the first President assassinated in so many years. Although I see Trump being assassinated before Hillary. With how heated and crazy this campaign has been so far, neither would surprise me.

My mom’s second excellent idea was, that if two countries have a dispute, they shouldn’t go to war and send thousands of young men and women to die for them. Instead they should have the heads of those two countries strap on some gloves and have a boxing match. Put it on PPV. Who wouldn’t pay $40 to watch that? And the national debt of both countries would be completely wiped out.

I suggested beer pong over boxing, but either works.

I also suggested America should send all of our politicians into war instead of the young soldiers. If they believe we should go to war so bad, let them fight it. Fuck ’em. Nobody will miss them.

One response to “Election 2016 And Future Elections

  1. Your mom and I are on the same page with idea 2. I say put them in a room…hungry, naked and cold. They can’t come out until peace. If they choose to end each other…their choice. Last one standing gets to be eaten by a bear.

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