This is a voting year unlike any we’ve had, maybe ever. For years I’ve said that we shouldn’t vote until they give us somebody to vote for. Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country vote because they think they’re making a difference. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. This year we have to pick between one of the worst candidates ever, and another one of the worst candidates ever.

My problem, or one of them anyway, is that we are told who to vote for. Our choices are limited. I don’t belong to a side. And those who are, mostly always vote for their candidate, no matter how good or bad that candidate is. That is not good. That’s being close minded, and that’s being irresponsible with your vote. If everybody was a “middle of the road” voter, the votes would be more unbiased. But that’s never going to happen.

As a person who has no political affiliation, I’m constantly torn between voting for one shitty candidate and another shitty candidate.

Could I vote for a third party? Sure, but will they win? Hell no. Not with so many staunch left and right voters. Third party candidates aren’t even allowed to be in the debates. And there are people who say the system isn’t rigged.

This year, I’ve lost more friends (on Facebook) than ever before over the election. Of those I’ve unfriended, none were because of who they were voting for. They were all because of their shitty attitudes.

This is yet another problem I have. We’re all Americans, yet we turn into assholes during election season, and we start hating, literally hating, our fellow Americans. United we stand, eh? Politics and religion bring out the worst in people. And I’m sick of it.

No matter who wins, the other side is going to bitch for 4 years. Aren’t we supposed to respect and follow our President? I remember being taught that as a kid in school. Our President deserves our respect. Has any President ever gotten 100% respect from his people? So basically, we have to deal with politics all the time, not just during voting season. It just gets worse then.

The worst part? Those who tell you you’re unpatriotic for not voting, or “people have sacrificed their lives so you could vote.” Fuck off, all of you. That’s just another scare tactic for those who have their heads up their asses to try and get you to shove your head up your own ass. Those who serve now aren’t protecting my right to vote. That isn’t going away any time soon. Those who serve now are fighting for whatever bullshit the government comes up with. And I completely support the military and those who serve in it, just not the government who treats them like shit during their service and after, when they’re veterans and can’t get help for anything. So if you want to use that for your argument, you’re an idiot and an asshole.

I’m not voting because I don’t want to vote for someone I don’t like. I’m sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. And in this election, I really don’t like either candidate. When I announced that on Facebook, suddenly I see a post by one of my friends about how not voting is lame shit. What sucks is, he’s the drummer of one of my favorite bands, and I had to unfriend him. Not because of what he said so much, but because of how others acted in the comments. It wasn’t a discussion to one guy, it was a perfect place to take shots at me.

That’s uncalled for and unnecessary. It’s also one of the reasons I can’t stand this time of year. So if you feel the same way, take a stand. Don’t vote. At least for the President. I mean seriously, how shitty is Trump? It’s almost like he was put in that position so that Hillary would be guaranteed a win, doesn’t it? That, in and of itself, is fucked up. I’m not going to be a part of it.

4 responses to “Voting

  1. This whole election has become such a much of a fucking JOKE. I dont care if the dead nazi cartoon rabbit from Watership Down runs for prez. Im not fuckin doing it. As long as I keep getting a check and have access to wifi, I give no more shits about who is in office. Its not like theyre gonna put the entire population of poor people in concentration camps.

  2. They all suck. I think I’ll take George Carlin’s suggestion on what to do on election day.

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