Paging Doctor House

I’ve always been a fan of the show House M.D. but during its initial run I missed quite a lot of episodes. With it being on Netflix currently, I decided to start at the beginning and watch every episode. Not binge-style, mind you, just every now and then I’d throw an episode on and enjoy it.

I finally got to the end of the second season the other day, and then yesterday I started the third. And that’s where I started noticing shit that I should’ve noticed way before now, and it stuck with me. I wasn’t going to write anything because the show has been off the air for four years now and I’m sure I’m not the first person to notice these things. But it kept eating at me, so I thought what the fuck, why not?

To catch you up. The second season ended with House being shot in his office by some dude. The entire episode is an hallucination inside House’s head because of blood loss, which you don’t find out until the end of the episode. During, however, he discovers a certain drug given to him during surgery should help him get full use of his leg back and no pain. It isn’t said or shown, but you can guess that he has it done in real life once he comes out of his hallucination at the end of the episode and tells Cuddy to give him that drug.

The beginning of the third season shows him running to work, which is apparently 8 miles from where he lives. The procedure worked and his leg works. He’s in such a good mood he decides to take on two cases. One turns out to be relatively easy, but the other involves a man who is completely paraplegic and has basically no real life other than being stuck in a wheel chair and being unable to move. House thinks he can fix the guy.

Here’s where I started noticing things. First of all, in every episode, every one of the main characters spends some time over-analyzing one of the others, or perhaps even the patients and/or their families. Once I noticed it, it pissed me off. If it’s character building, I think by the third season they’ve built enough. We got it by now.

These moments are time filler. Sure they can make for some interesting banter, and every now and then they actually help push along the story, on a whole they could all be left out and nothing would suffer except the time of the show. The only thing I learn from each one of these sessions is that not-so-secretly everybody hates everybody else.

With this particular episode I noticed a few things that taught me more about the characters than their over-analysis of each other. Like…

Wilson is an asshole. He’s like, the shittiest person on the show. I always liked him, originally, but this episode made me feel otherwise. At one point he yells at House for having no proof of anything yet wanting to go ahead with a procedure. Later, House has a pain in his leg and goes to Wilson to tell him about it. Wilson goes on another analysis of House where he chews him out, calls him a drug fiend liar, and then tells him his leg is fine and the surgery worked. WITHOUT PROOF. He’s an asshole hypocrite.

Later after a failed attempt to make the vegetable guy better, House has an epiphany about how to help the guy. He goes to Cuddy’s house and wakes her up to tell her why he wants to do a certain procedure and how it would work. He tells her there’s no risk to injecting the guy with Cortisol. If it didn’t work the guy would be the same, but if it did work the guy would be able to move and walk and talk again. Cuddy tells him that it isn’t about the risks or the rewards, it’s about House learning what the word “no” means, and she SHUTS HIM DOWN.

Essentially, Cuddy denies possibly helping a patient live a regular and normal life again, just to teach House a lesson. And she RUNS THE HOSPITAL. Shouldn’t helping patients be at the top of her to-do list?

Not to mention that even up to this point, House does the impossible 99% of the time to cure his patients. That is why they hired him at that hospital. Because he’s extremely smart, unconventional, and he gets the job done. That’s why they hired him, and that’s why his team takes on all the top cases that no other doctors can figure out.

In this episode, once again at the last minute, he has his epiphany and he knows what to do to solve the case, and suddenly, Cuddy wants to teach him a lesson and doesn’t believe him.

Let’s move on to the end of the episode, where as the patient is leaving the hospital, Cuddy decides to inject the man with what House suggested, and it works. The man gets out of his wheelchair for the first time in eight years, and he hugs his family.

What does Cuddy do? Does she go to House and tell him what happened and apologize for being such a bitch? She tells Wilson she should, but Wilson stops her. Why? Because he’s an evil asshole.

He asks her if there was any medical reason why she thought House might be right and she says no. Other than the entire medical explanation by House the night before when he woke her up to tell her about it, but let’s forget about that. Wilson goes on to say House had a lucky guess and the next time he might kill somebody.

What’s that? Right, Wilson is House’s BEST FRIEND.

No wonder House hates people. They hire him to do a job then tell him he can’t do his job and then say his crazy for wanting to do his job.

Anyway, that’s all I got. What else is there?

4 responses to “Paging Doctor House

  1. Yeah, one theme that irritates me a lot is that everyone seems to be out to knock down his god complex,even when you know damn well he’s actually justified, just to teach him some lesson he never gets. And I mean never. In some cases, their good intentions really come off as more damaging and self-serving than they accuse him of being. Made me wish they would stick to the damn cases more. I watched all of them because I did enjoy them overall, but it didn’t mean that some shit wasn’t pointless.

    • If I ever find the time, just for shits and giggles, I want to do a web series on Youtube of those episodes showing just stuff about the cases. I bet they’re only like 10 minutes long lol.

  2. I could never get past the assholery of the characters around House. Maybe that’s why I only lasted 2.5 seasons.

    • It’s such a good show though, and deserves all the fame it got. And I did watch a majority of the shows through all the seasons. It was just sporadic. Which is probably why I never picked up on the assholery before. But I can totally see why someone would stop watching lol.

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