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For at least the last year I’ve noticed on certain frozen foods where there will be a spot on the packaging that informs you the food is made with real cheese. From lasagna to pizza, I see it all the time. Of course, I see it all the time now because I’m looking for it, but still, it bothers me. What about the rest of the ingredients? And why, of all of the ingredients, is cheese the one they think people are concerned about more than any other?

I did a Google Image Search for one of the packages and discovered something I’ve never seen before. Messages showing “real beef” and “real tomatoes.” I think it’s a conspiracy, because I only searched products I’ve purchased before, and I’ve never seen those two. Just cheese.

Now it's made with fresh cheese? What was it made with before?

Now it’s made with fresh cheese? What was it made with before?

What bothers me more is, why isn’t anyone else concerned with this? Wouldn’t it bother you if you bought a car and they advertised the stereo was made with quality parts? Great, but what about the rest of it?

Now, I rarely cook from scratch, and frozen is a lot better than eating fast food all the time, as well as cheaper, but I still want to believe the frozen stuff I’m eating is as real as possible. And I would think that, naturally, if I didn’t have a message telling me the cheese is real. What about the sauce? The crust? The toppings on the pizza? Are those not real?

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smith! You have a beautiful newborn baby girl! She has real eyes!”

That would concern me, and it’s a good message to hear, really. But still, if you point out one good thing when the whole package should be good, it makes me wonder about the rest. Especially when what’s pointed out as being good or real isn’t the majority of the product.

Furthermore, why wouldn’t they just say “Made with real ingredients!”? Why pick just one to highlight? And, why don’t I see “Made with real cheese!” on packages of just cheese? That bothers me more than anything now.

At least I’m not seeing that message on a product that doesn’t contain cheese.


2 responses to “Contains Real Blog!

  1. The fresh cheese on the package got me…what, you didnt use the moldy shit? Yay to us.

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