Norwood Taco Bell Sucks

The Taco Bell in Norwood, Ohio, has been terrible for as long as I can remember. I’ve heard plenty of others bitch about the place over the years, but here’s a quick story of what happened to me today just to give you a bit of insight as to how much this place sucks. It’s suckage makes it one of, if not the worst, Taco Bell’s in Cincinnati.

For starters, they’re the only TB I know that doesn’t serve breakfast.

Second, they’re combined with a KFC, and I’ve never had a good experience from any Taco Bell combined with a KFC.

They’ve got one a half stars on Yelp. The first review is quite clearly a plant by either Taco Bell or Yelp. The rest of them are spot on.

Never mind this place being slow as hell all the time, no matter when you go or how many other people are eating there, chances are very good that they’re going to fuck your order up, if they even take it right to begin with. At the drive-thru, when the rest of the modern world has switched to TVs at the microphone so you can see what your order is as you’re placing it, this TB/KFC still has the old fashioned microphone only. That’s so you have no idea if they’re taking your order right or not.

They have a bunch of Mexicans working there. I don’t have a problem with that per say, but sometimes they stick one in the drive-thru and they usually just barely speak English.


So this is what happened to me today. I was behind two cars in the drive-thru for 5 minutes before actually getting to the microphone, which is typical, but this time they were ready to take my order as soon as I got to it, which literally has never happened.

TB: Can I take your order?
ME: I’ll have a chicken quesadilla with extra cheese, a steak flatbread, and two cheesy gordita crunches with spicy ranch.
TB: What was that last thing?
ME: Two cheesy gordita crunches with spicy ranch. *pause* I’ll also have two cheese roll ups and a side of guacamole. That’ll be it.
TB: I have a cheese quesadilla with extra cheese…
ME: Chicken quesadilla.
TB: Right, chicken quesadilla with extra cheese, a steak flatbread, and two cheese roll ups. Is that right?
ME: And two cheesy gordita crunches and a side of guacamole.
TB: Please pull around for your total.

I got to the first window and another woman was there. I asked her to repeat my order.

TB: Chicken quesadilla with extra cheese, steak flatbread, two cheese roll ups.
ME: For the fourth time, two cheesy gordita crunches with spicy ranch and a side of guacamole.
TB: The cheesy gordita crunches already come with spicy ranch. Do you want extra?
ME: No, just make sure it’s on there.

That woman seemed concerned enough to get my order right because I had a bit of an attitude for having to repeat myself so much. I figured, with how she was acting, that maybe my order would be right.

While my wife and I did get everything we ordered, there was no spicy ranch on the cheesy gordita crunches. After all that, they still couldn’t make it right. Sadly, that’s typical, and I expected something to be wrong. I’m glad they didn’t let me down.

I’m not going to get into the debate of whether or not fast food employees deserve $15 an hour when they can’t get orders right. Because I think if they’re doing their jobs correctly and they’re hard enough workers, they should be able to make that much, should they earn it. Those employees that constantly fuck up orders shouldn’t get enough raises to make that much. And the Norwood Taco Bell/KFC should be shut down completely.

2 responses to “Norwood Taco Bell Sucks

  1. Smh. Too bad I will never think of you at TB bc I will never go there. Terrible.

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