Restroom Encounters: Red Robin

For some strange reason, I’ve had some interesting things happen to me in public restrooms, and none of the sexy variety. Just strange. If any of you follow Twindaddy’s blog (which is gone, and I am sad), I once posted a story there about an experience I had at a Hooter’s, and since his blog is no longer there, I’ll repost the story here some time. A few strange moments happened there, in the restroom, and ever since then I’ve had some other random, crazy experiences in restrooms.

Here’s a new one. Just happened to me.

My wife and I were out tonight running some errands, and suddenly I had to pee. We were near a mall and a ton of shopping centers and stores. I was about to pull into a gas station to use their bathroom when I remembered there was a Red Robin up ahead of the gas station, attached to the mall. In order to eat there you have to go to their entrance from inside the mall, but they have a “rear” door where you can get in directly from the parking lot. Just off of that entrance are the bathrooms. You don’t even have to really enter the restaurant in order to use their bathrooms.

I decided to go there instead, because they always keep their bathrooms nicer than BP’s do.

I got lucky and found a parking spot real close to the entrance. I went in and entered the bathroom. There were one or two urinals and two stalls. As I went towards the stall at the back of the bathroom (cause I always use a stall) I noticed there was a guy standing at a urinal. I didn’t look right at him, just caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye. Because I just got that corner of the eye glimpse at him, I’m only just kind of sure that I saw him turn to look at me as I went by.

Now, this is exactly why I go to stalls. Because I need a bit of privacy when I go to the bathroom. Remember how paranoid I am? Well, I need privacy in the fucking bathroom. I don’t need there to be people behind me watching me pee into a toilet hanging off the wall.

That, and, this guy.

If there happened to be a second urinal, placed right next to the first one, and I used urinals, I would’ve been standing right next to this guy while this went down, and that thought freaks me out. Not that I would have stood right next to him even if I did use urinals, because that’s against some sort of man code, I’m sure.

Ok so, I shut the stall door and turn to face my own toilet. Over at the urinal I hear the guy breathing loudly.

To be honest, I have that paranoia, so I get it. I absolutely can NOT piss at a urinal. I tense up, my heart races, and I can’t seem to catch my breath, all the while not peeing at all. So maybe that’s what was happening. I hope that’s what was happening. Because otherwise… my entering into the bathroom may have made him lose concentration while trying to blow a quick load in a public restroom.

After a moment or two of the breathing, I heard him say loudly “God dammit!” Then I heard some shuffling, the toilet flush, and paper towels coming out of the dispenser. I didn’t hear the sink running, so I’m not sure why he needed a towel.

I didn’t hear anything else for a second, and I was wondering when I’d hear the door open and him leave. Finally the door did open and I heard someone else come in. I assumed that he had left.

I finished my business, and exited the stall. He was standing next to the paper towel dispenser with his back to me. He was facing the door. I started to walk up to the sink to wash my hands, because I’m not a dirty fuck, and I noticed him turning to throw away the paper towel he was using into the garbage can under the dispenser.

I didn’t want to look at him squarely, so I concentrated on not doing that. Thankfully that was my game plan, because he turned to look at me as I got close to him. I don’t know what look he gave me, but I’m pretty sure it was anger. That’s what I felt emanating off of him.

I got to him and turned away from him to go to the sink. Behind me I heard him leave, and I sighed. While I felt like he was waiting for me just outside the door, I did feel better that he was gone for the moment. After one of the Hooter’s incidents, I was a bit worried about what was going to happen, but luckily for me nothing else went down.

I really don’t know what was going on, I can only speculate. If he wanted to beat his meat, or if he has a public pissing problem like I do, I don’t understand why he didn’t take one of the two empty stalls to do his business. That’s what I’m not sure about.

Regardless, I got out of it unscathed. Fine by me.

2 responses to “Restroom Encounters: Red Robin

  1. I too have a paranoia issue with public restrooms. Mostly because of tiny stalls the chair doesnt fit in..and if you ever saw me when I cant reach my chair is in a public place, youd understand. I freak out.
    And talking to people in the can..Who does that?? Im here to piss, not find a fuckbuddy. Go the hell away. šŸ˜›

  2. Ugh. I remember reading about the Hooter’s thing, and now this. Strange-os. I won’t speculate about the paper towel. I’m glad women don’t have urinals but I still get stagefright, even with stalls, and prefer a gas station cuz it’s usually only one room. Plus, like the other commenter said, no talking.

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