Movie Review: Victor Frankenstein

I got to see another movie in the theater! It doesn’t happen much, so excuse my giddiness.


That one. That’s the one I saw.

In one word, the movie was excellent. It relied heavily on CGI, which every movie does anymore. But, it had a few things that not every movie has.

Great directing. I’m not sure exactly who Paul McGuigan is, but he did a fantastic job directing this. Every scene was perfectly displayed, every shot was necessary, every line of dialogue was worth hearing.

Great acting. Holy shit, everybody in this movie was perfect. There wasn’t really any characters who weren’t necessary. Everybody played their roles to perfection. Daniel Radcliffe is listed as the main actor, but really, James McAvoy owned this movie. That’s not to take away anything from Daniel. I’m a fan of his, and I know he gets a lot of shit and has a lot of haters. I, however, have loved everything I’ve seen him in, and I’ve loved him in them.

Of course the Harry Potter series, but I loved The Woman In Black. I also just saw Horns finally and thought that was his greatest acting. He was superb in Horns, and the movie itself was terrific. In Victor Frankenstein, he’s once again great, and while his greatness is completely overshadowed by James McAvoy’s performance, it was his ability to share time with McAvoy and keep up with him throughout the entire movie that made his performance great. Had he faltered with his role, the whole movie would have suffered. Their chemistry together was top notch.

Both of them should be commended for their roles. And if the movie goes without winning any awards, it will be a shame.

The story isn’t like the one you know, obviously. This one, for some reason, is named Victor Frankenstein, making you believe the movie is about him, but Igor is the main character. It’s told from his perspective, even though, as I said, McAvoy (Frankenstein) shines through brightly.

We learn of Igor’s past in the circus as a freak, Victor’s rescuing/kidnapping of him, and how the two work together to create life from death. There are gross and squeamish moments, but overall the movie was more funny than anything.

They didn’t try too hard, which is why it worked. They didn’t think this movie was above what it was. The cheesiness of it was intentional and perfect. So many movies try way too hard to be something they’re not, and ultimately that’s what ruins them. This was not one of them.

This was a great movie from beginning to end. The entire 2 hours were enjoyable and I found when it was over that I wished there was another fifteen minutes. I guess I have that to look forward to with the DVD release.

The story here was, of course, not about the monster, which is a shame, because the monster turned out to be a really cool looking one, and it would’ve been nice to see more of it. I can’t imagine why a sequel would be necessary at all, but if one happens, I hope they don’t try to outdo the first and they just try to do what the first did, and that was be a damn good movie.

I’ve scientifically pieced together multiple 5 star ratings to rate this movie 13 out of 15 stars.

4 responses to “Movie Review: Victor Frankenstein

  1. I saw The Peanuts Movie. I may have to watch this one next. Polar opposite.

  2. Really? It was cute. Probably not winning awards.

    This one seems really watchable based on your review.

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