Back To The Future 2 Shouldn’t Have Happened

Those of you who like to pick apart movies and over-analyze things already know that the Back To The Future series is full of plot holes and paradoxes. I did a very short search to find a list of what is most likely just some of those, and I haven’t seen the one I noticed yet, so I’m going to mention it here.

A list I really liked that keyed me in to some of those plot holes and paradoxes is on Den Of Geek, check it out.

Marty, Doc and company travel to October 21, 2015 in BTTF2, and that date happened a week ago, so naturally it was BTTF Day all over the net. That made me think how I hadn’t watched them in a while, and I was about due, so I got my trilogy out and watched the first movie. Tonight I decided to watch the second movie, and for the first time ever, I noticed something that stuck out so terribly that I can’t believe after all this time I just figured it out. I also know that out there somewhere, someone probably already figured this out a long time ago. In any case, here it is.

In the series, Doc constantly says how they shouldn’t mess with anything, they should just study the past and future. Otherwise, just let it ride. Of course they completely blow this in the very first movie, and that has been pointed out many times already.

I like how just as they end the conflict in the first one, just a minute later, Doc returns from 2015 to tell Jennifer and Marty they have to go with him to the future to save their kids from making a mistake.

That’s the plot for BTTF2. To go into the future and completely change the course of natural history. So much for don’t touch anything, take only pictures.

So we know that. We know, if Doc hadn’t stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, the entire movie wouldn’t have happened. Marty would have kissed Jennifer, and later they were going to take the pickup up to the lake. The movie, had it gone that route, would’ve been terribly boring, or it would have been a porn.

So here we go, Doc did it and we have a movie. On that link above they tell of many times the time line didn’t make sense with what had been changed by the dynamic duo, and this is yet another one.

On Den Of Geek’s article, they beg the question, “Why do they try and get the almanac at the point where it’s given to Biff? Given that he doesn’t place any bets, nor presumably appreciate its value for several years afterwards, why not go back in 1956 or 1957, perhaps when he’s at school/work/shouting at people in the street, and take it then?”

Good question, to a point. Because that one can be answered, and they do so.

“There is a solid counter-argument here. The point in 1955 they go back to is the only one where the Doc and Marty know exactly where the book will be, namely, at the point old Biff gives it to new Biff.”

Right. Better yet, why didn’t 2015 change after Biff stole the almanac and came back? That’s when they should’ve been in 2015A. After all, every time they complete a challenge (or an achievement, if you will) they look at a newspaper to see it change into a new reality because of the butterfly effect.

If what they do changes reality instantly, then Biff should have come back from 1955 to a new 2015, and Doc and Marty should’ve seen 2015 change all around them. They would’ve known then that something had happened, and they potentially could’ve went to the DeLorean, saw the bag and the top of Biff’s cane, figured out what happened, and fixed it right then and there. They didn’t need to go back to 1955, they could’ve just went back a few minutes and stopped Biff.

Doc says they can’t go back to 2015, but they should be able to easily. Just because 1985 is different to them doesn’t mean they’re in a parallel dimension or on another earth, they’re still in their time line, the events have just been skewered.

Anyway, that’s what I noticed on my own, after countless views of that movie. Took me long enough. But then again I don’t bother trying to pick apart movies, either. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen from time to time, or after millions of views.

Lastly, on Den Of Geek (I love the site by the way) they also point out that there should be 2 DeLorean’s in 1885, which takes place in BTTF3. Absolutely there should be. I mean, in BTTF2 there were 2 DeLorean’s in 1955.

They fly back to 1955 and land, parking behind the billboard where Marty stashed the DeLorean in the first movie. They cover it up and go about their business. Later, Doc is riding a bike down the street and he comes across himself finishing up on the cable running across the street, because he’s about to send Marty back to 1985 at the end of the first movie. And right there parked on the street, under a tarp, is the DeLorean. Thus, it exists twice in 1955. Naturally that has to mean that there ARE 2 DeLorean’s in 1885, which is messed up because there’s no way that wouldn’t have been evident in BTTF3. But you can read all about that on Den Of Geek.

And technically, if BTTF2 didn’t happen, then 3 wouldn’t have happened, either.

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