Great Commercials: Denny’s Sausagefest

Never mind the implications of a sausagefest, I saw this commercial earlier today for the first time and thought it was pretty awesome just from the use of chloroform. As I Youtube’d this I discovered it’s just one in a long series of commercials. I haven’t viewed any others.

2 responses to “Great Commercials: Denny’s Sausagefest

  1. I loves me some bacon but prefers me some sausage. Sorry bacon!

    • I’m actually not much of a fan of bacon at all. When I was 13 or so my mom and I went to a Wendy’s for lunch and I got a Jr. Bacon. The bacon was soft, chewy and stringy. I tried swallowing a piece, but it was strung up to a bigger piece still in my mouth, and the piece I tried to swallow got caught in my throat. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Ever since then I haven’t cared for it lol. I love sausage all the way too, so it’s my preferred breakfast meat.

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