Ohio’s Issue 3

Coming up next month will be a historic time for Ohio. Voters will be able to vote on Issue 3, which if it passes, will give us legal marijuana. YAY PROGRESS! A group called ResponsibleOhio got it on the ballot.

This particular campaign is doing some firsts. 1, if it goes through, Ohio will be the first state in the midwest to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, and 2, it will be the first state to make recreational use legal before medical marijuana was made legal. The vote in November is to bring both medical marijuana and recreational use to the state.

Now, I’m not big into politics, and before this I had no idea what ResponsibleOhio was all about. However, I’m starting to see a whole lot of people who are for legalization, bashing them and their causes, and their supposed real reasons for doing this. The biggest of which is, they’re going to make tons of money off of it.

Apparently the people who make up ResponsibleOhio are a dozen or so millionaires who have their own agendas. And who would have ever thought business people would want to capitalize on their investments?

In the beginning I was all for Issue 3. Let’s just get it legalized and go from there. And then, the more I started listening to the opposition, the more I started seeing their side. Some of the biggest complaints are that RO is going to keep other businesses from moving in and selling weed (monopolization), and they’re going to be tax exempt, like churches.

I don’t like monopolization, and I don’t like tax exempt. If I have to pay taxes, everyone should have to pay taxes. Fuck them and their above-the-law attitude.

But then, I started thinking again. I don’t plan on opening a dispensary any time soon, so I don’t care who owns all of the business in the state. I don’t care who’s making all the money. I really don’t give a fuck. All I care about is that people who need weed can finally get it for their ailments legally. Myself included. It’s the only thing, ironically, that helps me with my paranoia and anxiety.

I don’t care what their agenda is. The point of this entire thing is to get marijuana legal instead of labeled as a Class 1 drug up there with heroin. This is new frontier, yet people are bitching and making demands for the new law like we have a choice. Right now this entire thing is in its infancy. We should be happy with the baby steps we’re getting as it is.

Also, ResponsibleOhio got the signatures required and got the issue on the ballot. Did anybody else? No. Any of those other groups that these bitchers DO support haven’t done it. Why not be pissed at them instead of the group that did get it done?

And if you truly don’t want to support ResponsibleOhio and put money into their bank accounts, then don’t buy from their dispensaries. DUH. Have you smoked yourselves retarded? Use the part of the law that says you’re allowed to legally own weed, and just continue buying from the person you buy it from now. Not only will you now be legally allowed to have that weed, but you won’t be paying out the ass for it at those legal, taxed places. You’ll still be getting it at the prices you get it for now.

Hell, if you want to, you can legally grow it yourself. Then you’re spending no money on buying it and you supply it yourself.

Recently on Facebook a local legalization supporter group I follow posted another thing bashing Issue 3 and RO. Someone made a comment saying what I’ve been saying here. Who cares who makes the money, we get to smoke legally. I responded how I was on the fence, but now I’m sure I’m voting for 3 because of that very thing. The group decided to comment with a video. Please give this a watch, if for no other reason than to be entertained.

Comments for this video are disabled by the poster, and I know why. Because this is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen. If I was the guy who made this I’d be ashamed of it. It looks like the guy who made it is the guy who posted it, Terrance Huff.

I hadn’t noticed the fake officer’s name in the beginning of the video at first, yet while listening to him I thought he sounded very much like a 1980s WWF wrestler on the Saturday morning show calling out some other wrestler before their big match the following week. And that’s when I noticed his name… Lieutenant Reefer. Are you fucking kidding me? He’s actually got a 1980s WWF gimmick wrestler’s name!

Never mind that he sounds like he’s from Alabama and not Ohio, he’s talking shit and calling names the entire time. Not many facts at all, no good arguments to vote against Issue 3, just name calling and shit talking.

If I had been on the fence at all about this issue, and I sort of am, this video most certainly wouldn’t persuade me to go against Issue 3. If anything, the hilarity of it would make me vote for Issue 3. Is this the best they got? It’s obvious that at least Terrance Huff isn’t taking this shit seriously. Because holy fuck, that video is sad.

“ResponsibleOhio listen up, cause I’m talking to you now!” Oh yeah, I bet they’re shaking in their boots. Ooo, scary man.

I’d also like to point out one thing Lieutenant (now I’m laughing hysterically) Reefer says. He says that under RO’s initiative businesses will still be able to fire people for smoking weed and will still be able to drug test. Uh, yeah, that’s how that works, dipshit. They’re still drug testing in Colorado and Washington, and every other state where this is legalized. That isn’t going away, because businesses are free to hire whoever the hell they want.

Those businesses that are smart about it will require their employees to have a prescription for the weed in order to continue working. Even still, weed is a mind altering drug (unless the patients are using the stuff that doesn’t get you high) and nobody wants mind altered people working for them, no matter how their mind is altered. That’s why it’s typically frowned upon when someone is drinking alcohol on the job. Yet alcohol is legal, right? Hell, some companies won’t hire people if they smoke cigarettes. Where’s your argument against that?

I don’t understand where everybody’s getting off complaining about this. Would you rather it not be legal, you fucking dolts? If that’s the case, then say it. Don’t complain about somebody getting it legalized when you want it legalized because you don’t like the person doing it. They’re doing you a solid. Appreciate it.

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