Out Creating Road Kill

About 3 weeks ago my wife and I bought a new car. Like, really new, not just new to us, which is something we’ve done since we’ve been together. Neither of us are used to newer cars. My newest car up until now was 4 years old when I bought it. So now I’ve moved up a year. It’s not completely new, but it might as well be.

We got ourselves a 2012 Buick Regal with almost all of the bells and whistles. Turbo, sunroof, heated leather seats, other stuff… it’s an awesome car. It’s our baby. It might as well be, we’re going to be paying for it for at least 18 years. And then we’ll send it off to college.

This morning when we left my wife’s work we were going down the road and a raccoon was standing along the guard rail median in the middle of the road. Of course we were in the left lane, and I saw it in time, and luckily it didn’t walk out. But for a split second it looked like it was going to.

Almost home and we’re on the highway. It’s got two lanes going in either direction with a concrete median separating the east and west bound lanes. Again I was in the left lane, and again there was a raccoon. Only this guy was confused as to which way to go and decided to come out in my lane just as I got to him.


I didn’t get him with my tires which probably would have killed us. Instead, he was in the center of my lane and I tried to go over top of him, but he was big. I’m pretty sure he had hooves. If I still had the Blazer (which completely died on us a week before getting the Regal) I think I probably would have still hit it. He was that big.

I only had one way to swerve and he was running in that direction, so I could only hope he would keep running, but in that split second, he just didn’t have enough time, and neither did I.

When we got home we took a look at the car and my wife pointed out some of his fur stuck to the bumper. I pointed out how the small grill on the bottom of the front of the car was completely knocked out and the bumper was cracked under the passenger side fog light. He did some damage, and I can’t blame him. If I had to go out that way, I’d do as much damage as I could, too.

I went out after the sun came up and got some pictures of it, and a certain Little Redd Dog went with me and insisted on getting in the pictures too.





You can kind of see some of the fur on the bottom picture, on the bottom middle of the bumper. Also you can kind of make out the grill laying inside of the bumper on the last picture. Terrible.

So yeah, we had the car 3 weeks and try to destroy it. Good thing I got gap insurance. So we’re going to have to pay a couple hundred to get it fixed, hopefully, with either our warranty or our insurance. We’ll have to make some calls to figure out which will be cheaper.

Oh, and as I turned onto our street, a rabbit ran out in front of us. That was the third time I’ve had that rabbit do that. One of these days he’s gonna meet up with that raccoon.

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