Wow: Gillian Anderson

Unlike with Natalie Martinez, I know who Gillian Anderson is. I’ve known since I first watched The X-Files and fell in love with her. A love I know now will last the rest of my life. Because as I see pictures of her now and see that she just continues to get better looking as she ages (hopefully it’s all natural, but I won’t hold my breath), I know that she’ll be a bombshell for decades to come.

The X-Files had all the sexy people.

The X-Files had all the sexy people.

And now that The X-Files is coming back, I decided to do a little looking around for one of my favorite ladies to see just how hot she can get. I found it, now I share it.









I know I’ll never be with Gillian, as the Gods intended, but if I can’t have her I guess it’s okay that Duchovny does. It makes sense, after all. And if you’d like to see Gillian showing off her ta-tas, check out the movie Straightheads (check out this show-all clip, NSFW). I can’t tell you if it’s a good movie or not, but Gillian shows her tits, so it’s got to be the best movie ever made.

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