Great Commercials: Pizza Hut/Visa Checkout

I used to do a blog called Awesome Commercials where I posted TV commercials I thought were funny (or otherwise awesome), if you couldn’t tell from the genius name of the blog. I ran it for a long time, a good one or two weeks, and gave up on it. But there are still good commercials out there that make watching all of the terrible ones worth it, kind of. And when I see them I kind of wished I still ran that site. So maybe I’ll just post them here and be done with it. Here’s one I just saw today.

This site is not affiliated with the business(s) in the above commercial. This commercial is not advertising on this site, nor is this site promoting the business(s). Use Visa Checkout and/or eat Pizza Hut at your own risk. Personal discretion advised. Void where prohibited. Prohibited where void. Void and prohibited where not allowed. Open to all US and Guatemala citizens, and a few people in Canada. For a limited time only. Not sold in stores.

4 responses to “Great Commercials: Pizza Hut/Visa Checkout

  1. Funny and clever. Love the disclaimer.

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