Tipping In New Jersey

There’s a story going around about a waitress in New Jersey who wasn’t just stiffed on an 8-person $112 check…


… she was left a nice little message as well.

This is unacceptable. If you have an issue waiting that long for food, you talk to the manager and get some money taken off of your bill. If the waitress was telling the table the entire time about how long it would take on the food and there was no issue up to that point, then there’s no issue at all, period.

It’s not like the waitress was also cooking the food, in which case, you’d have to expect an hour wait time while she does both jobs at once. Since she’s obviously not cooking the food, then how can you hate on her for the wait time?

People who do this kind of shit are going to find whatever excuse they can to not tip. I used to be a server and I had tables like this all the time. They knew going out they weren’t going to tip. They never tip. And most of the time they run the server to death. These are the people who need to never leave the house.

7 responses to “Tipping In New Jersey

  1. Wtfuck is WRONG with these imbeciles? They should never be allowed in a restaurant again. Ignorant or not…considering like you said, some other excuse would pop up. I’ve seen table like that where the server asks if anyone else need anything after someone wants another glass of water…the when server returns with water, someone wants more fucking butter. You can almost see the “I so want to spit and hork on your butter look”…douchbags times infinity.

    • I had a table like that that made me quit my server job at Applebee’s back in the day. They couldn’t tell me what they all wanted at one time. They waited until I came back with one thing to tell me another thing. TWELVE times I went from their table to the back to get something for them, in a row. And I had other tables. And then they stiffed me. I quit right after that.

  2. That’s not very cool, not very cool at all. Why get angry with the waitress?

    • Yeah, exactly. And there are a lot of people who do that. Since the server is their only point of contact for their entire experience, obviously the server is the one screwing up everything. Sadly, that’s how way too many people think. And the cooks don’t really care about how the food turns out because they know they’re going to get paid their nice wages regardless.

      • You’re right. I think the servers have it tough. (“Server” is a better word, by the way. I’m showing my age.) 🙂

        I think this kind of thing happens in quite a lot of jobs, though. People who work in call centers, in reception areas or in airports, for example, often have to face a lot of anger for things that really are not their fault at all. I mean, who can help it if a volcano erupts in Iceland?

        At least they don’t have to rely on tips, I guess.

      • That’s a good point, and it’s sad. CEO’s get paid top dollar and they don’t have to deal with complaints from the average consumer, while those making the least amount of money have to hear all of it. Such a shame.

      • Yep, that’s exactly right.

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