Fact Checking The Internet

It’s getting so bad anymore that I just don’t want to hear or read anything. I’ve already stopped watching the news because of the horrible shit that is shown on it all the time. And now, damn you internet, for being so full of shit.

Naturally you can’t believe anything you read online. Hell, how can you fact check anything you read online, by doing the fact checking online?

I started following a website called ViralNova, because they have nice articles. I say “nice” because they are. Pictures of cute animals or interesting stuff. Things that are nice, not horrible (for the most part). I need less horrible in my life and more nice.

And then, just now, I came across this article, 29 Weird History Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn In High School. I read the article, found it to be amazing, then did some fact checking. That’s when I realized I didn’t learn this stuff in school because some of it is complete bullshit. That’s when I also realized that even ViralNova doesn’t fact check, like most of the people on Facebook who post this shit and freak out.

Out of the 29 things ViralNova listed, they got a few wrong.

3. King Tut’s parents were incestuous.
“Recent DNA tests have confirmed that King Tut’s parents were brother and sister. This could explain all those pesky illnesses and deformities.” – Not completely true. They say it’s more likely his parents were cousins. Not to mention nobody is really sure who his mother is to begin with.

10. Anna Mae Dickinson must be the luckiest person ever.NOPE

11. The Holy Grail has a GPS location?
“The inscription on this mysterious monument reads ‘DOUOSVAVVM.’ No one knows who wrote it or what it means, but many believe that it is a code left by the Knights Templar that reveals the location of the Holy Grail.” – Not exactly.

18. Mysterious spheres have been found in Africa.
“Miners in South Africa have unearthed quite a few perfectly shaped spheres that are all etched with the same three lines around the center. They are presumed to be almost three billion years old, but aside from that, not much is known about their origins.” – The Klerksdorp spheres are not perfectly shaped, and Geologists conclude that they were made by natural processes.

25. There’s a giant, old mushroom in Oregon.Yes and no. The one they mention, with picture, is false. The picture (below) isn’t real either.

There should be pictures of this mushroom everywhere, from all different angles. How many have you seen?

There should be pictures of this mushroom everywhere, from all different angles. How many have you seen?

27. Scientists discovered pyramids hiding deep underwater.No they fucking didn’t.

Come on ViralNova, get your shit together.

Does anybody else find it hysterical that I fact checked this stuff on Wikipedia?

2 responses to “Fact Checking The Internet

  1. Kinda funny how even Wikipedia knows it’s wrong.
    Me, Every time I check my FB: So y’all just believe everything you read or see, huh?

    • Right. Sometimes I fall for one, but rarely. You know that joke about wanting to move away to the country in a cabin, and be away from everything, as long as you have WiFi? I don’t even care about that anymore. Ugh, the level of stupid…

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