Movie Review: The Cobbler (Spoilers)

No, it isn't about pies.

No, it isn’t about pies.

Up until a week ago I had no idea this movie existed, but I saw it listed on Netflix, so I gave it a watch today. It stars Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Steve Buscemi?

Both of them make this movie great. I think it would work by itself with other actors, but because it was them, especially with their background and chemistry with one another, they made it that much better.

Supporting them, amongst many others who all did great jobs in the movie, were Method Man, the beautiful Dascha Polanco (Orange Is The New Black), Adam’s nephew Jared Sandler, and legend Dustin Hoffman.

I think Method Man should be commended for his acting in this movie. Not only did he have to play an ultra ghetto street shark who made his money illegitimately, he also had to play the complete opposite. To explain:

Adam Sandler is fourth generation Cobbler, meaning he repairs shoes like his father and grandfather and great-grandfather before him. He hates his job and hates his life, until one day Method Man stops in and bullies Sandler around while having Sandler shine his shoes for him. He then takes his shoes off and tells Sandler he wants the soles replaced and he’ll be back at 6 to get them.

Sandler gets to work to fix Method’s shoes, until his stitcher breaks. Unable to repair it before 6, Sandler goes down to the basement under his shop and finds an old stitching machine his father used to use. Sandler uses it to fix Method’s shoes.

Method Man never shows up to get his shoes that night, though Sandler waits longer than he should at his shop for him. Finally, bored, Sandler notices Method’s shoes are the same size as his own, so Sandler puts on Method’s shoes, to discover he now looks like Method Man.

Long story short, the stitching machine in the basement is magical and when used on a pair of shoes, those shoes turn the maker of them into the person who owns them when they put them on.

Sandler goes about wearing a lot of different customers’ shoes to live life like them for a few hours.

This gets him into trouble, of course, and the trouble it gets him into gets rather outrageous at times, and makes for great viewing.

Method Man was great in his dual role and, as I said, should be commended. Adam Sandler, on the other hand, isn’t really himself in this movie. While there are moments of comedy, it’s mostly a drama that puts Sandler’s character into some serious situations, and I thought it was a great performance by Sandler, outside of his norm. Again, everyone did awesome in this. And Buscemi, I mean, he’s Buscemi.

A really cool movie with some twists and turns, action, blood, death, and an almost completely naked Kim Cloutier, which is cool. There’s some sentimental moments and I can’t lie, I teared up a bit. It was well done all the way around and is definitely worth a watch. The story itself is also really cool and played out well.

I gave this movie 5 of 5 stars on Netflix. Well done, Sandler & Co., well done. These are the kinds of movies I like to see. Major box office actors making direct to DVD movies that are often times better than their blockbusters. This ranks up there with Grilled and 30 Minutes Or Less in that respect. Check those out as well.

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