Hot Tub Time Machine 2

If you’re a fan, you should know by now that the sequel is coming out on February 20th, 2015. Just six days from now. I’m stoked. I watched the trailer just a little while ago, and got so pumped I had to go watch the original again. When I did, I started noticing things I hadn’t noticed before. These things may have already been noticed by you or someone, I’m sure they were. But if not, then maybe I’m pointing something out that others didn’t know. Either way.

First, if you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer for the sequel.

And then I watched the first and immediately realized something. When Adam and Nick go to visit Lou in the hospital, Lou tells them again that he didn’t try to kill himself. But if he had, he’d be excellent at it. “Shotgun to the dick!”

In the trailer for the sequel he gets shot in the dick by a shotgun. Looks like he’s probably the one who did it. To himself.

Then I realized Chevy Chase’s character CLEARLY says what it is they need to do the entire time. They’re all just a bunch of idiots. Even regarding the Chrenobly. Basically, the Hot Tub works on its own, it doesn’t need the alcohol to work. They legitimately fucked it up by pouring alcohol on it. He wasn’t beating around the bush at all. Basically, at the end of the movie they didn’t need to pour the drink on the controls. It was going to work just fine.

Repairman: You’re good to go.
Jacob: Holy shit, really?
R: Some sort of sticky liquid got onto the uh, crossover housing, must have had some nitro-triminium in it.
J: Chernobly.
R: Whatever it was it ravaged the hell out of the electronics. Worked out for you and the boys, though.
J: Wait, hold on, are you saying that that’s the key to the whole thing, we need the Chernobly to get back?
R: All I’m saying is, whatever your poison. I wouldn’t tub without it. Especially after dawn.
J: It’d kill ya to give me a straight answer. You know you’re kind of a dick.

He gave him straight answers. The Chernobly ravaged the hell out of the controls. It wasn’t necessary for the operation. But, the hot tub worked out well for the guys anyway. But, the Repairman enjoys being wasted when he travels, so there you go. In the deleted scenes you actually find out the Repairman is a genius guy who makes all kinds of interesting gadgets, and he actually calls the Hot Tub a time machine.

The next thing I didn’t really notice as a thing, but I thought it was probably a more than likely event after the movie. Adam’s new girlfriend, April, the writer from Source Magazine who is there to cover Poison’s tour, was introduced to Nick by Adam while Nick was playing with his band. She most likely returned from the tour with Poison, wrote her article about the tour, and probably mentioned Nick’s band, and that’s probably how Nick got his music career started. From April. And ripping off future hits.

Lastly, despite them not needing the Chernobly to get back, they still needed to get the Chernobly back. All of their future stuff was in that bag with it. If they had just gone back to the future without getting that stuff back, Phil the Concierge would have still lost his arm, and their future stuff would probably have been huge in the news, analyzed by people to figure out just what it was, and quite possibly would have messed up the future completely. But they got it and left with it, so that it didn’t mess the future up.

After the sequel comes out and I see it, which I will most likely do that weekend, I’m going to write what I think happened between the two movies. Most likely as a fan fiction sort of thing. We’ll see.

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