Delivery Tales: Terrible Customers

There’s always going to be the assholes who don’t tip. There’s always going to be those assholes who not only don’t tip, but make finding them, and dealing with them, HELL, before not tipping. But then there are those customers on a whole other level, that makes the regular stiffer not so bad.

Back when I first started delivering, I didn’t know then what I know now and I would have dealt with these customers differently. But, it’s all a part of the learning curve.

The first one I remember, and will always remember, was to a barber school. They had placed a big order for lunch and I got to take it. They were already known as stiffers, so I didn’t expect to get a tip. But unfortunately for me, the company I worked for at the time had itemized order slips that showed the price for everything ordered, and everyone who ordered paid exactly what they owed. Not only did I not get a tip, but I didn’t get the tax or the delivery fee, and I also didn’t get the money, somehow, for one of the things ordered.

Not that it matters, but the school was made up entirely of black students and teachers. I only bring that up because it seemed to me, at the time and even now, that me being white was a major cause of some of the things they said.

One of the instructors was near the main entrance helping me to find everyone who ordered and to get the money, but they were only doing a so-so job. I had to stand there for 10 minutes while random people walked up to get what they had ordered, give me exact change, or want change back, and walk off with their food. I counted the money and said how I was short, because there were taxes and delivery fees. Nobody was going to cover it, and I just stood there waiting. Someone said, “He gonna cry!” and the place erupted into laughter.

I was pissed, sure, but crying wasn’t anywhere near what I was going, or what I wanted, to do. Fed up with dealing with people acting like children, I went back to the store and told them what had happened. They were black listed from ordering from our store, or any other that would deliver to them from our chain.

Sure, I know better now. I wouldn’t have handed out the food until I had the money. I wouldn’t have allowed individuals to pay, I would have given them the final price and only accepted that. But they knew what they were doing, and they did it well.

Another incident involved the second pizza place (still the same chain) I worked for. One of my first deliveries for them took me to a pharmacy at a Walgreens, and to one of the girls who worked there. I say “girl” because she was. Younger than me and a complete bitch, she had a lot of growing up to do and probably shouldn’t have been working in a pharmacy dealing with people, or their medication.

She had ordered lunch and got a brownie or something with a cup of ice cream for dessert. I forgot her ice cream. I was only a brisk 3 minutes away from my store, and told her so, when I told her I’d go back to get it and be right back. When I came back with her ice cream, she told me she was going to call and complain on me, didn’t tip me, and was rude enough that her co-workers were asking her why she was being so rude.

There’s no need for any of that. I mean, what kind of person are you? There were others, but those two will always stick out in my mind. And I bring them up because of a story I saw today about a pizza guy who delivered to a used car lot and was treated like shit for no other reason than the people who were treating him like shit are worthless assholes who have no decency in their bodies. And they’re in customer service, although used car sales hardly ever gives any kind of decent customer service.

You people, all of you, should be ashamed of yourselves. Grow the fuck up and stop being dicks. If you need that kind of shit in your lives to keep you entertained, go jump off a cliff.

2 responses to “Delivery Tales: Terrible Customers

  1. People really are not nice. That video was horrible. What happened to you was too.

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