Texting And Driving

For the last few years everyone has been going ape shit over texting and driving, but it seems recently they’ve been going even more aper shitter over it. I just watched a terrible video by Salt & Light Productions that is full of lies and complete bullshit aimed at people who text and drive to get them to stop doing it. Here, watch it.

The message should be, don’t do anything stupid while you’re driving, and they shouldn’t be limiting it to one thing. The problems I have with this video (and this entire campaign) starts there. Don’t do distracting things while driving.

Emy was killed when her car blah blah blah. Yeah, that’ll kill you. Maybe you should have learned to fucking drive. Taylor should have, too. They didn’t respect their cars, or the others on the road around them and they got what they had coming to them. Instead, there are people out there who are going to see that and say, “That’s so terrible. If they just weren’t texting…” Listen, if they were bad enough drivers that they would purposefully distract themselves from driving WHILE driving, it was just a matter of time before they were going to die in a terrible crash they caused anyway, regardless of how they caused it.

“Drivers who text spend about 10% of their driving time outside their own driving lanes.” – Is that right? I don’t. I spend more time outside of my lane if I’m driving tired than if I’m texting while driving. If they were behind me while I was driving and texting, they wouldn’t even know it. How many people did they study for this? The scene they used to further prove this point is obviously staged, and the driver in it is quite obviously having a seizure. Do you know how many people text and drive? A whole lot. I have only seen one person driving like that in my entire life, and they were hammered drunk, and NOT texting.

“That quick look at your phone takes longer than you think. Five seconds or longer.” – And if that is addressed, it won’t be as big of a problem. Don’t take your eyes off of the road for more than a second or two, max. NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE DOING. They go on to say if five seconds doesn’t sound like much, imagine you’re driving down the road and someone covers your eyes for five seconds. Yeah, that’s exactly what diverting your eyes from the road is like, except not at all. You still have your peripheral vision when you don’t have your eyes directly on the road, and believe it or not, you can see a lot in your peripheral. I would never cover my eyes like that for five seconds while driving, ever. But at the same time, I’d never take my eyes from the road for that long either. Because I’m not an idiot driver.

Hey, how about taking down every billboard on the highways? It is their job to distract you while you’re driving, and to get you to look at them as you drive by. A lot of them have a lot of words on them, and if you’re traveling fast enough, you have to read quickly to get it all in before you pass it. You could be focused directly on that billboard at 70 MPH for a few seconds, couldn’t you? Yet those are legal. Interesting.

The end of the video says you should be part of a group of young teens who have taken a pledge to not text while driving. How about they take a pledge to drive better overall? How about they don’t mess with their radios? And not read billboards, or bumper stickers, or business marquee’s? There are a ton of distractions out there. Nobody, absolutely nobody should be spending this much time and energy on ONE thing. Texting isn’t the problem, being distracted is.

Years ago I dated a girl who wasn’t a terrible driver, she was just terrible at most everything. Shortly after we broke up she rear ended someone because she took her eyes off of the road to change stations on her radio. Where’s the fucking boycotts to have stereos removed from cars?

Do you know what’s been a problem since before cell phones existed? Not using your turn signals.

That’s right, one of the most simple things you can do while driving is one of the biggest reasons why people wreck and kill others. Where’s the petition to remedy that? Where are the PSA’s? Why aren’t more people being given tickets for not using their turn signals?

I don’t think anybody should use their phone when they’re driving, whether texting or talking. But that’s not some sort of hate on cell phones or the act of texting. That’s just a distraction that should be eliminated because too many people don’t know how to drive in the first place.

I text and drive all the time. Better yet, I use the GPS on my phone all the time while I’m driving. I haven’t had an accident in 10 years and I haven’t had a ticket in almost as long. And I’ve never had an accident because of a cell phone. Why? Because I’m a good driver FIRST. If traffic is bad or driving conditions aren’t perfect, I won’t use my cell phone because I prefer my attention to be on the road. But if things are okay, and only then, I’ll use my cell while driving.

When I text while driving, which I hate to do, it takes forever to do because I hit one letter and look at the road. My eyes aren’t off the road for more than a second or two at a time. And when they are, I can still see the road in my peripheral vision. The same happens every time I check my rear view mirrors while driving, or check my speedometer. You know, those things that are taught to us to do while driving to make sure everything is okay all the time? Those things that make up good driving habits? Yeah, those are distractions as well that take your eyes off the road, and they fucking teach you to do it in driver’s ed.

They’re going after cell phones because everybody has them now and they think if they attack what teens love more than life itself, it’ll send a message to them. Instead, what they should be doing is teaching people how to fucking drive with some god damn respect for others. That needs to happen more than anything. Teach them just how important using your turn signals is. Or how important it is to drive safely, period. Losing a life or two isn’t worth not being a minute or two late to work. Leave earlier and slow the fuck down or take that write-up like an adult. Stop using your cell phone. Stop putting on make up while driving. Stop messing with the radio. All that shit. Pay attention to the road in front of you and stop being a douche, you fucking douche.

3 responses to “Texting And Driving

  1. Yes, not using the turn signal is one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m not psychic and can’t predict when you’re gonna turn.

    My new fave is the signs on the freeways that say xxx people killed on the road this year. Don’t drive distracted. Either these people who thought of these distractions are stupid enough to not get the irony, or they get the irony and are moronic enough not to care.

  2. I agree. There are so many crappy drivers doing so many distracting things that it seems ridiculous to just single out texting.

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