Tony Williams Is Not A Saint

If you didn’t see it on TV like I did, you may have at least heard by now about a New Orleans Saints fan, named Tony Williams, who stole a football being given to a woman Bengals fan by one of the Cincinnati Bengals, Jermaine Gresham, after he scored a touchdown.

The whole incident was caught on video as it happened. Jermaine ran to the stands and tossed the touchdown football to a woman who was wearing a Bengals jersey. Since the game was taking place in New Orleans, the Bengals fans stood out, especially the woman wearing the jersey, as she was quite a cutie.

Jermaine tossed the ball to her, but a giant Saints fan sitting right next to where she was standing stood up and snatched the football out of her hands, almost striking her in the face with an elbow. He was twice her size. He immediately sat down and placed the ball under his right arm, while a man sitting next to him, probably a buddy of his, seemed to laugh about the incident, as did a man sitting behind him.

The woman, named Christa Barrett, begged and pleaded with the man to give her the ball, but he seemed to not even acknowledge her. The camera crew continued to go back to the incident, updating fans with what was going on. Even the commentators of the game talked about how rude the man was, and a reporter for the game reported that the man said he wasn’t going to give the ball back and that he didn’t feel bad for what he did.

Reported by, apparently the fans around that section began chanting “GIVER HER THE BALL!” and it could be heard around the arena, yet the man didn’t budge.


By the end of the game, the Saints gave the woman a ball so she wouldn’t have to go home empty handed. That was the least they could do to apologize for the types of fans they have.

Jermaine Gresham, the Bengals player who tossed HER the ball, said “He should be ashamed of himself, and you can put that on the record,” and even tweeted to her, “Truly sorry about you guys not getting that ball. I’ll make sure you guys receive something greater for compensation.”

It’s all over the news now, and the guy is being bombarded from all sides. Even still, as douchebags are known to do, he’ll most likely keep the ball for eternity, showing it off at home and telling people how he stole it from a woman half his size by elbowing her in the face, because he’s such a great man. He’ll also tell of how the ball came not from a Saints player, but from a player of the team beating the hell out of the Saints. His story will be so epic.

I’d like to blast this guy in the face just for his audacity. He knew what he was doing, even though he said in an interview:

“Nooooo,” Williams said when asked if he was going to give up the football.

Why not?

“Because I caught it,” he said. “It’s very simple, I caught the football.”

He also added, because he’s a super classy fucking pussy piece of shit, “I didn’t mean to hit that young lady. I was just reaching for the football. I didn’t mean to hurt the lady.”

Yeah, okay. You knew who you were going up against, which was a woman who was half your size, yet you still felt the need to elbow her in the face? You beat your wife, too, don’t you? It’s simple, you didn’t catch the ball, you stole it from her. If you simply caught the ball, you wouldn’t have had to throw your arms around wildly and elbow women in the face. Asshole.

I guess New Orleans is a place I can check off my list of places I’d like to visit one day. I know one “fan” can’t be the leader of the city, and I know there are assholes everywhere, but damn. I do commend the Saints organization for making it right, even though they should have placed the guy on the field and let both teams tackle him until he couldn’t move, and then continued to tackle him.

Fuck you, Tony Williams, you are the biggest douche of the year. Congrats.

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2 responses to “Tony Williams Is Not A Saint

  1. What a classy guy…

  2. Black guy steals from white woman…how is that news?

    He WILL get to visit the White House, Obama loves these types.

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