Renee Zellweger Changed Her Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about who gives a shit? Recently, for those of you who really don’t give a fuck and have no idea what happened, Renee Zellweger appeared somewhere looking quite different than how she’s looked up to that point. And the internet completely lost their shit. As if nothing else was going on. As if no celebrity ever had unnecessary plastic surgery. It was as if a whole lot of people had a bet as to what celebrity would never get work done, and Renee was the ringer.

Here she is, beautiful (L) and beautiful (R).

Here she is, beautiful (L) and beautiful (R).

The website/news organization that means absolutely nothing, TMZ, has really enjoyed themselves over this news. Check out these two stories that I unfortunately had to go to their site and sift through tons of bullshit to find…

Renee Zellweger You Look… LIKE SOMEONE ELSE
Hey TMZ, isn’t that the fucking point of plastic surgery for celebrities? They don’t like looking like themselves, so they go under the knife to look like some other them, or someone else. They make millions of dollars by being someone else in their movies and TV shows, they might as well spend that money to become someone else in real life. Although I don’t think there is such a thing in Hollywood as “real life.”

Renee Zellweger LET’S FACE IT… Something’s Different
Holy shit, do you think so? I’m so happy you found a way to throw a pun into the title of that article. Sadly that’s the end of your creative side.

How about the Daily Mail, the UK version of nothing good.

What HAS Renee Zellweger done to her face? Bridget actress looks utterly unrecognisable as she steps out with her boyfriend in LA
Is it that serious? No other celebrity has ever had plastic surgery? Why is this such a shock? And if she’s so fucking “unrecognisable,” then how do you know it’s her? Maybe because she still resembles herself and isn’t completely “unrecognisable?”

Not only is their article 10 times longer than it needs to be, including hundreds more pictures than need be, they even have different sections of “Expert Analysis.” Because this is such a serious topic that EXPERTS need to be brought in. Yes, please, let’s bring in the experts.

“Well, she used to look one way, now she looks a different way. She’s a celebrity, so she must have had plastic surgery, as celebrities do. Back to you, Ron.”

Expert unneeded. Except toward the end of the article they have an astounding, “THE EIGHT AREAS OF CHANGE ON RENEE ZELLWEGER’S FACE” Are you fucking kidding me? LET IT THE FUCK GO!

On the flip side, there have been a lot of other sites that have stepped up to combat the idiocy, and really, none have done a better job at it than the delectable Russell Brand.

My purpose in joining the shitstorm is to give my two cents. Naturally. For starters, maybe she’s sick and tired of getting shit on for her looks. Personally, I love flaws. That’s what makes people real, and I like real. I don’t care for fake tits, or plastic surgery. Tina Fey is super hot and one of the reasons are the glasses she wears. She stands out. Jennifer Grey recently had work done to her characteristic nose. Now she doesn’t look like her. She was hot, now she’s average. She doesn’t stand out. Jonah Hill was a hysterical fat dude. He gave me hope that even in a world of vanity, he could shine through it even carrying a few extra pounds. Until he lost it all and now looks incredibly weird. Look him up if you haven’t seen it. He looks like a bobble head. Healthy is good, but now he’s average (with a giant head). But maybe he’s scared of the hate that other large actors are getting, like Melissa McCarthy, and he thought he’d get the jump on it by making himself average.

I’ve always thought Renee was cute. I’ve had a crush on her for a long time. But sometimes, no matter how talented you are, and no matter how much money you have, and no matter how popular you are, sometimes words hurt.

Thanks, Seth. You drive Renee to plastic surgery and Robin Williams to suicide. What’s your encore?

My points here are, of course, plastic surgery, when it’s not needed, is not needed. Celebrities are out of fucking control with this shit, and it has to stop. But what the hell? They have the money, it’s their money, they can do with it what they want. Sadly. I’d love to have so much money that I have nothing better to spend it on than changing who I am for no good damn reason other than vanity.

The other point is, BE YOU. Renee is still a beautiful woman. I still see her when I see her, and she’s gorgeous, plastic surgery or not. I loved her before, and I think she’s still beautiful. Maybe it’s because she’s a beautiful person inside and it shines through on the outside, no matter what she looks like.

Regardless, everyone needs to stop. Stop following celebrity lives, stop being shocked when celebrities do what they’re known for doing, and stop hating on people you don’t know personally. I mean, I don’t know all of you personally, but I hate you all. So I guess in that respect I’m a hypocrite.

Get over yourselves.

5 responses to “Renee Zellweger Changed Her Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I cannot fathom why she felt she needed to alter her face, and I am sick of women fucking with their faces, because they so often remove the pretty. I’m not saying she’s not pretty after, because she is. I agree, she’s likely a lovely person.
    Maybe her eyelids were impending her sight. Maybe. As someone whose eyelids are definitely on the droopy side, I can see why that would be necessary. But man oh man, there is no reason someone as naturally stunning as she is should feel like she needs to fit some ridiculous standard, so I truly hope it wasn’t because she didn’t feel good enough about herself.
    So much of what I see, in terms of plastic surgery, is women trying to turn back the clock to a younger version of themselves, when the results reflect a younger, strangely lifeless version of someone I’ve never seen.
    I am sick of youth being portrayed as the only version of beauty. I felt this way even when I was in college. I’ll never forget opening a magazine to see a celebrity twice my age, airbrushed to look my age. It’s just not okay with me.

  2. I really don’t understand the media frenzy this started. She had work done to her face, big fuckin’ deal.

    And Russell Brand’s response to this all was classic. That man is hilarious.

    • He is, and I was on the fence about him for a while, as far as his acting went, but now that he’s attacking stuff that needs attacked, I can’t get enough of him. He’s a smart dude. I hope he keeps it up.

      • His acting is okay. I like him as Aldous Snow. That’s about it. But he is very quick-witted and extremely intelligent. I like to listen to him.

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