Betty Dodson Hates Men *UPDATED*

You might be saying, “WHO?” Indeed. Unless you’re a lesbian or very much into feminism, you probably have no fucking clue who this chick is. She runs a blog with Carlin Ross, and apparently the entire site is about women’s orgasms. The tagline to the site is, “Better Orgasms. Better World.” I’m sure that world would be better without men in it, right bitch? The only thing that throws me off is, they have men who write for that site. I can only imagine what they have to say.

I only know about this site because of an article a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I decided to check it out. After all, it’s about women’s orgasms, so naturally I’m interested to see if it can show me anything I don’t know. For the record, it didn’t. The only thing the article told me was, I’m a worthless piece of shit for being a man, especially one without a porn star dick.

The basis for the article is to say it takes a woman 20 to 30 minutes to “warm up” before she’s fully ready to engage in sexual activity. In other words, foreplay. It also talks about how the clit is it, and no matter how you decide to do your sex or have an orgasm, the clit is it. From it, to the G-spot, to vaginal, it’s all clit related. There’s even this, “Once a woman understands she can have both clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration, it ends this discussion.” What woman out there doesn’t know they can have both? It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a porn where the clit wasn’t being manipulated during sex, whether by the man or the woman, or the other woman, or the other man, and I can’t tell you the last partner I had where the clit wasn’t played with during sex. So I guess the conversation is over, eh?

No. There is a bunch more, half and half, talking about how to have awesome orgasms, and how much men suck. And it all starts with, “There is no distinction between “vaginal” or “clitoral” or “G spot” orgasms since all orgasms are centered in the clitoris.” Is that right? So all those women out there who PREFER a certain orgasm over another are wrong? They should just take what they get and fucking like it? I know women who seem to have no G-spot. Who can’t get off on it at all. I know others who prefer to have orgasms with the G-spot. Doesn’t matter. There’s no distinction at all.

That quote is the beginning of a paragraph that goes on to say, “Or even the more illusive deep vaginal thrusting that stimulates the base of the spine, now called the “deep spot.” That orgasm requires an 8 inch penis or a quality silicone dildo. All you guys with average 5 to 6 inch penises erect are SOL on that one.” There’s the first man hate. I think all of us regular average sized men aren’t SOL, the women who are with them are. I’m getting mine, regardless. And thanks for helping the fight, that size doesn’t matter. I guess that’s a man only fight. How about one of the comments from a woman that says, “Size does matter. But it’s not everything. Big, in my opinion, is a definite advantage as far as deeper, more intense stimulation goes, but if you have crap technique, or you’re lazy, it can be horrible. I have also been with guys with small cocks that have been incredible lovers. The point is, just don’t be lazy in bed (or car or beach or park or toilet cubicle…) regardless of size.” Basically this article is saying size matters, and that’s that. If you’re a dude without a dick over 6 inches, you suck, kill yourself, no matter how good you are in bed. Women only want 8 inch dicks, regardless of if the men controlling them know how to use them or not. Except for that chick who commented, but she’s obviously wrong because she’s going against what Betty said.

Here’s another shot, while talking about vaginal orgasms being superior and how they’re not. “It’s kept alive today by organized religions and what some men prefer: a quick fuck similar to masturbating inside a vagina.” You know, some women prefer that too. Sometimes you don’t have 20 to 30 minutes just to get started. That’s why a “quickie” is a thing. Only got an hour on a lunch break? Have yourself a quickie. If the woman is interested in doing that, then she’s interested in doing that. If she isn’t, then don’t fucking do it. The point is, some women enjoy the quickies too, for whatever reason, or they wouldn’t do it.

“The point being that few women are even turned on before they get fucked. Most are getting a few minutes of clumsy clit stim, a few licks from a dry tongue or harsh finger banging. The moment there’s a small amount of lubrication, many lovers dive into the vagina going for a home run. No wonder sex therapists emphasize foreplay and no wonder faked orgasms far out number real ones. When we discover how few women are having orgasms during intercourse it’s obvious to me that fucking is really foreplay for masturbation.”

That says it all, doesn’t it? The whole thing is against men. “Clumsy clit stim, a few licks from a dry tongue or harsh finger banging.” Only women can do all of that properly. Men suck. Wait, it gets better.

“Unfortunately, intercourse rarely if ever lasts long enough to engage the internal clitoris. We forget that for every pre-orgasmic woman there’s a premature ejaculating man. This is one of the primary reasons why men don’t want to know what women want because it would require them to make an effort to learn “come control” which sounds like another job and he’s already overworked.”

I’m beginning to wonder if Betty Dodson has ever been fucked properly. Instead of male bashing, why isn’t she telling her legion of women followers how to properly suck a dick? Oh, because men are worthless and don’t deserve a proper BJ.

The entire article ends with this gem.

“We now have the horrendous job of sexually educating a world that’s under the influence of violence with militant religions and corporations intent on dominating the world. Still, some of us continue to hope that “Mankind” will give peace a chance. Otherwise women will have to take over before we can embrace the Pleasure Principal with Equal Rights and Orgasms for all.”

Out of nowhere we’re mixing politics, world peace, and sex. WHAT? Women need to rule the world so that there’s world peace and women can finally get off. If women ruled the world, especially THIS woman, men would all be enslaved or killed off. Fuck this chick.

The article is over, but it gets better. I tried to post a comment about how much man hate there was in the article. I used only my first name, and my email address. I wrote out my comment…

“Wow. Why don’t you just suggest all women become lesbians? The amount of man hate thrown into this article was clear as day. Don’t be with a guy with a small dick, train him to do everything correctly, men are scum, they only care about themselves… Great info here for women, but holy crap, hate men much?”

Because really, there is some great info there for women. But like the politics at the end, there’s no need for the man bashing. Instead of my comment being posted, I got this message.

Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.

Spam filter? What part of what I said was spam? Looking over some of the other comments I saw terrible grammar, internet speak (you = u), and cussing. That all got through and mine didn’t. But… ah, I would have been the only MALE commenting.

The spam filter isn’t a spam filter, it’s a gender filter. One comment from a guy, who apparently got through by not using his name, told about how great his sex life is with his wife and how she loves playing with his ass and how that alone turns her on. Betty Dodson’s response?

“Don’t want to bust your little sex bubble, but what you descirbe sounds like your wife just might be faking you out.”

This is why I don’t visit sites like this, and this is why feminism is a joke. They just can’t believe that some women love what they hate.


I just went back to the site to see if anybody had responded to this article. Nobody has, because what’s a bitch gonna say? But since I wrote this there have been a few men to get through the spam (gender) filter and post comments, and they all said what I said. What’s with all the man hate? Of course, no response from Dodson.

As a bonus, there was a comment at the bottom of the page that brought up female ejaculations and how they’re not real. If you’re the type of dumbass who continues to not believe they are real, you’ve obviously never given a woman that good of an orgasm, or, you still continue to think it’s pee, because you refuse to believe a woman can ejaculate. This person who posted the comment said, “An ejaculate (fluid) contains sperm, which women don’t have.” That’s great, considering the word “ejaculate” means “to discharge.” I actually looked it up, because it’s easy to do online, and I’m not an idiot. They discharge a fluid that isn’t pee. It happens. Get over it, you close minded slack jawed yokel. And they’re going to continue to do it whether you want to believe in it or not. So move on to a different argument you’re going to lose.

6 responses to “Betty Dodson Hates Men *UPDATED*

  1. A small novel, Joey will comment with: I’ll just say I’m 40, been monogamous for over a decade, and before that, I had (more than?) my share of shapes and sizes and techniques and that I can only conclude all women are different, in terms of preferences and abilities, as all PEOPLE are. Clearly there is not a right or wrong way to get off, although many are stigmatized or illegal…
    I recently read an article, written by Dr Gail Saltz, about how the G-spot is not real, and all I could think was, “I’m sorry Dr Saltz does not have vaginal orgasms, or can’t find her G-spot, or maybe doesn’t have one.”
    I have opinions about penis size. Too small is something I’ve only heard about, too big is an actual problem I’ve experienced.
    I’m pretty sure there are tons of articles on both male and female orgasm techniques, but the only ones that matter are the ones you and your partner want.
    For the politics part, hell yes it matters. As long as women are valued for beauty and virginity, we are repressed. As long as what we have to offer is viewed as a gift to men, we are second-class citizens, property, treasure, bartering goods, pirate booty, potential victims of sexual harassment and rape. As long as women are suffering genital mutilation and childhood marriage, we’re definitely not equal. We can’t wear the clothes we want to wear, we can’t type out our sexual preferences on a public forum — so yeah, we’re still fighting for equal rights, equal pay, equal treatment.
    Men call everything between a woman’s legs her vagina. Vulva is referred to as vagina. Clitoris is referred to as vagina. Labia is referred to as vagina. Yet women know there’s a difference between penis and testicles, because societal norms dictate that a vagina is for pleasuring men, and men are nothing without enormous genitalia. What part of that is fair for men or women? Don’t you think that’s askew?
    Listen to and read men talking about sex. Female orgasm is largely ignored. As long as she’s wet and making noise, men assume it’s good. When is vaginal intercourse over? When the penis is no longer erect. What’s at the end of the porn video? Male ejaculation. When the man is satisfied, it’s over.
    While these scenarios may not reflect you or me, or our partners, they reign in media, and it reflects the dominant male who is hung like a horse, who takes the submissive woman quickly and she quivers in delight. While that might be great ten minutes before someone goes to work, it’s hardly reflective of an ongoing satisfying sexual relationship.

    And I am very sorry that you experienced gender discrimination today.

    • I’m not the flip side of the coin. As you said, it’s a person by person basis. I have ALWAYS gone into a sexual act with my partner to make sure she’s satisfied. I make sure she’s always had more than one orgasm. Sometimes I don’t last so long during sex, so I make sure everything else is great. Sometimes I last so long I don’t even orgasm, and I’m totally fine with that. But then, that’s me. I know SOME other guys don’t give a shit, but whatever. I also know tons of guys don’t believe squirting is real, or even that the G-spot is real. I’m not one of them. I love the female body, top to bottom, and wish I could orgasm like they do lol. I think it’s a shame we’re still in this mindset in 2014, on both sides, but what this bitch was talking about is so old school, it just pisses me off. And I don’t think she’s doing anything to help it, she’s only continuing to hurt it.

      • I really despise how feminism is so often an attack on men.
        Female orgasms must surely be better…seems like it, anyway… 😀

      • Yes, and I should say that I’m all for the right feminism, but not the straight up hate on men. Women should be empowered, and should be equal in all ways. Especially when you can have multiple orgasms 😛

  2. OMG lol! what a dumb bitch! thanks for sharing!

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