Jennifer Lawrence Nude!

For those of you who follow celebrity lives, I’m talking about “J-Law” as she’s better known. One of the more beautiful actresses out today, she’s been in my spank bank since I first saw her. But more importantly, she’s everywhere now thanks to her agent getting her the perfect roles, such as “Katniss” in The Hunger Games movies.

The big news out now is, some hacker released a ton of nude pictures of hot celebrity women, and Jennifer Lawrence was one of them. Some of the celebs who had this happen to them have come out and said the pictures of them that were leaked weren’t real, but some of the others are.

Regardless, this happens every now and then, whether it’s a sex tape or nude pictures, and everyone gets crazy. The first one to pop into my head was Kat Dennings, who had nude photos of herself leaked a couple years ago. But there have been many.

Apparently the hacker or hackers who did this current leak also claim to have a sex tape featuring Jennifer Lawrence and they’ll be releasing it soon. It has gotten so bad that the FBI are now investigating and articles are being written by the likes of Forbes.

Speaking of Forbes, Scott Mendelson wrote a piece about this very thing. In it, he says:

Ms. Lawrence and the other victims have absolutely nothing to apologize for in terms of the contents of the photos or the nature in which they were leaked. The story itself should not be addressed as if it were a scandal, but rather what it is: A sex crime involving theft of personal property and the exploitation of the female body.

Ok, sure. He’s got a point. But I think what he should have been using his alloted cyber space for is to talk about the bigger point here, and that is…


I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you’re intentions are. If you’re a celebrity and you don’t want the public to see you naked, don’t take naked pictures of yourself. Ever. Don’t film yourself having sex. Because then when the shit gets leaked, you have no room to say anything about it other than “Whoops, my bad.”

Furthermore, if you ARE taking naked pictures of yourself, I think YOU WANT them to get leaked. And why not? Oh look at that, more exposure. People are talking about them, they’re all over the news, and really they didn’t have to do shit to get there other than to “leak” a few naked pictures that took them a couple of minutes to snap. What a way to stay relevant between movies.

Maybe, just maybe, if we start punishing these women who have their naked pictures leaked, they’ll learn and stop taking naked pictures of themselves. Otherwise, they don’t have shit to say. They fucked up. If something bad can happen, it usually will. Ladies, you only have yourselves to blame.

8 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence Nude!

  1. Pics or it didnt happen.

  2. Thanks for letting us know that you haven’t taken any nudes of yourself. We don’t store any of that stuff on our computers, but I guess someone could break in and steal photos, discs, thumb drives, whatever. Last I checked, it’s my body, and I have the right to show it to whom I like.
    Imagine someone hacking in to find an unfinished manuscript or writing that was never intended to be read while you’re alive, and the hacker using it to make money you’ll never get. Imagine that.

    • Yeah, exactly. I’m not saying what the hacker did was right, and that those women aren’t allowed to take nudes of themselves. But to me it’s like, why put yourself in that potential situation?

      • We’ll need to agree to disagree.

      • Like I said, the hackers were bad and shouldn’t have done that. But to compare naked pictures of yourself to a manuscript is apples and oranges. A manuscript is a body of work. Naked pictures are naked pictures. If you have nude pictures of yourself on your cell phone and they’re intended to be shown to one person, why carry them around with you? Share them and delete them. Just because one act is okay to do doesn’t mean they’re all okay to do. Would you take $5000 in to a soup kitchen for the homeless and leave it on a table, then walk away and come back later expecting to find it where you left it? Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest actress out right now as dubbed by many many people. Surely she’s aware of that. That means she should be extra careful with certain things, this being one of them. And she wasn’t. I’m not saying it’s right or okay for that to happen, but she could have prevented it.

      • You can type longer and longer, but we’ll just disagree s’more.

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