Walgreens Update

Original Post 8/19:
I reported here a while back about the Walgreens down the street from me and how some drunken idiot drove his SUV through the store trashing the place.

I also said how the whole thing is suspicious and how I think there’s something more going on with it. Nobody believed me. Well, I’ve watched enough episodes of Psych to know when something looks strange, and this whole scenario looks strange.

The driver just happened to speed over the curb and immediately squeeze his SUV between a big brick sign and a bush, not hitting either, and drive right through the glass doors into the store. Hmmm.

That was back in July, as it happened the night after the fourth. Like, two and a half hours after the fourth was over. The guy was still drunk from his firework partying.

Guess what. The store still isn’t open. Guess what. The signs have all been removed from the building. It’s not going to be reopened.

Say what? Before that location, for many years, there was a big car lot there. It looked terrible, so it fit right in with the neighborhood. Eventually the car lot moved down the street, the space was demolished and rebuilt into two buildings. One turned into a Cincinnati chili restaurant, Gold Star, and the other was made into that Walgreens. Both buildings were built specifically for those businesses.

Now, years later, some dude just HAPPENS to “ACCIDENTALLY” drunk drive his car into the store, and now they’re NOT GOING TO REOPEN. Who said it was probably some sort of insurance fraud scheme? That’s what it’s looking like.

Now check this out. I just did another search for stories about it and came up with nothing new, other than some more details about the original story that I hadn’t seen when it originally happened. This is what I find interesting, aside from a news station in Cleveland saying the man was driving a Chevrolet Yukon (Yukon’s are made by GMC).

First of all, if you look at the picture on this site, you can see just a couple of tiles missing from the ceiling. When I drive by it and look at it from the outside, which I do almost every day, I can see a whole bunch of ceiling tiles missing from the impacted area. Curious, I thought, since that doesn’t make sense. He didn’t hit the ceiling.

Well, a story I read here says:

The Denali traveled about 50 feet into the store, and a building inspector on scene who would not give his name said the building was not structurally sound. There is no timeline for how long it will take to fix, but he said a portion of the roof will have to be ripped off and fixed.

So, is the building not structurally sound because of the accident, or was it built that way? If it was built that way, how did it pass inspection, originally, unless it was performed by a certain building inspector who wouldn’t give his name in this interview?

If the building isn’t structurally sound because of the accident, that’s kind of interesting considering the guy didn’t seem to hit anything significant other than the glass doors. But it does explain why more ceiling tile is missing, if they had to check out the roof to see how structurally sound it was.

Lastly, why won’t the guy give his name? Why is it a big deal that the fucking building inspector give his name? Does he think the guy who wrecked into the building is going to come after him when he gets out of the hospital? Is there a gang of violent people running around taking out building inspectors?

I think the building inspector is in on it. Somebody’s insurance should cover all of the damages. Never mind that, but Walgreens is a big enough company that they shouldn’t have any issue fixing the building. But so far, it looks like they’re not going to because all of the businesses signs are off of the building and it looks like no progress has been made at all on fixing it up.

This is a scam, and too many people are in on it. The police should be investigating, as the reports I’ve read said they are, but I don’t think they are. I’ll be making some calls, maybe, to see what’s going on about this. There’s no reason why that business should close down for good unless it was meant to the whole time.

UPDATE 8/21:
I DID made some calls. I called the Cincinnati Police, District 4, and asked the lady who answered what was going on. She didn’t know, but she told me that the only investigating they would have done is on the accident itself, and once they figured out what had happened as far as that was concerned, they would have closed the case. And since Ross, the guy who drove into the store, had to be cut out of his SUV and his SUV was still inside Walgreens, it was a pretty easy case to close.

Next up, I called Walgreens. I noticed the Store Locator on their website doesn’t have that location listed anymore. Holy shit, they got rid of it quick! The nice lady I spoke to at Walgreens told me she couldn’t find any info on it. Of course. And she said she would forward my concern to the district manager who would be contacting me in a day or two to let me know what’s going on. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got to say.

UPDATE 8/31:
Well, 10 days have passed and I never got a call from anybody at Walgreens. Go figure. They know I’m onto them and they’re scared. I might be slow in moving forward with this, but I am NOT done with this until I get some answers.

Just kidding, I got better things to do. But when it comes out that something illegal went down, I’ll be here to take all the credit.

2 responses to “Walgreens Update

  1. That’s fuckin weird, Beefy. I think your theories are too close to the truth. It was weird initially, but now I’m kinda creeped-out, and I don’t know if I can go to Walgreens anymore. Maybe I love CVS more than I thought.

    Our favorite Chinese restaurant was torn down right before we moved back home. It’s going to be a WALMART MARKET. I can cry on your shoulder, right?

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