Daily Prompt: Work? Optional!

If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

I’ve wondered for most of my life why this is even a question. If I won the lottery would I continue to work. Are you out of your fucking mind? Hell no I wouldn’t continue to work.

Many years ago before bills were a big thing, people had to work to eat. Whether they had a farm or whatever, every day was spent working so that they could live and eat and exist. Maybe they were feeding animals or cleaning up their property or fixing their house cause it was made out of sticks.

But today we work because society says we have to. Otherwise you don’t live. You could go live in the woods like Mick Dodge, or you can have internet and Fritos. What’s it going to be? If you decided you don’t want to live in the woods and not under a bridge, you have to have money, and in order to do that you have to work.

Well, if I HAD MONEY, I wouldn’t need to fucking work, would I? No. And I wouldn’t either. I’d work at never fucking working again.

Many moons ago when the lottery got up to a record breaking $360+ million, this older Florida couple won it. They were in the paper being asked what they were going to do. They said they were going to buy a couple new appliances and put the rest in the bank, and they weren’t going to stop working.

It must be nice to have their jobs, laying around getting blow jobs all day long. But for the rest of us IT SUCKS. New appliances?! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU PLAY THE FUCKING LOTTERY?! To get new appliances? Jesus fucking… go on the Price Is Right if you want new appliances, and stop taking my retirement fund!

This other fuck, just a few years ago, won a huge lottery. Did he need it? No. He owned a successful construction company, was already a multi-millionaire, and owned a private jet. When asked what he was going to do with his new lotto winnings, he said he was going to buy himself a private helicopter, because he’s always wanted one. Then he laughed at all of us poor unfortunate blue collar assholes who struggle to get through life while an ALREADY MILLIONAIRE PLAYS AND WINS THE LOTTERY SO YOU CAN’T.

Fuck that. If I win the lottery there’s no question what I’m doing. I’m buying 60 acres of land (or more) in the country, and building a house right in the middle of it. I want to be able to stand on my roof and look around in every direction and not see another person. Then I’m never working again and people will be lucky if they ever see me again. I’m going to live the life of luxury on my property.

But continue to work? Continue to make my boss richer while I continue to struggle to get by? Fuck you and fuck that.

6 responses to “Daily Prompt: Work? Optional!

  1. I fucking love this post! OH MY GOD, you have no idea how much I fucking love this fucking post!
    You know what kills me? I make “sacrifices” to have what I want. I mean, I’m home all the time, I grow a garden, I cook real food for my family, I’m the steady center of my family’s life. I get to go on my kids’ fieldtrips and play with them all summer. I love it. I fucking love it.
    Sometimes I want more money. Or you know, a fucking car of my own. Or a bloody real vacation. Right?
    The women who choose to have careers also make “sacrifices.” They have more money than I do, at the cost of less of the above. They might do all that, but they’re fucking exhausted or sick all the goddamn time.
    THEN, some of these same bitches say to me, “Oh I just couldn’t do what you do, I’d be bored, I need to work.” And I’m like, “Okay.” Because people should really TRY to do what makes them fuckin happy.
    But those same bitches say how they don’t wanna go to work. They play the lotto. Do you mean to tell me that if they win the lotto, they’ll be fuckin bored and keep working?
    Fuck all, if I ever win the lotto, which I rarely play, I will have the exact same life i have now, but with a car of my own, with a bloody real vacation, and hello! People To Deal With My Money, so that I don’t hafta even think about that shit anymore! I LOVE THIS POST! *kisses you all about the face*

    • Of course you love this post, I wrote it. I’m awesome. 😀

      I’d definitely hire someone to handle my money so I didn’t fly through it, but I’m sure I wouldn’t. Cause I have no plans, other than building that house and making sure I have a lake next to it so I can fish all I want. And that’s my life. It wouldn’t cost me much. I can catch my own bait. I will need beer to drink, so that’ll cost me some money. Yeah, people who mention they wouldn’t quit working, I always tell them, do me a favor and don’t play. Cause if I play and I lose to you…

      • You really are. I just said all kindsa nice things about you to The Mister. I presume we’ll be invited to fish on occasion? Perhaps we’ll travel by helicopter. Hell, maybe my back 40’s just waiting for a helipad!

      • That is exactly what your back 40 is waiting for. It’s screaming for it. And yes, you’ll always be invited for fishing. The awesome thing is, and I just realized this, the place where I want to buy all that land is a direct shot to where you live, via back country roads. Also, getting on the highway wouldn’t be too much of a problem either. So that’s awesome. You could travel by helicopter, cause I’m sure I’ll have a pad too next to the lake. Cause if I can’t fish from the helicopter, what’s the point?

      • Fuck, I dunno! These comments make me question whether my helicopter-less life is even worth living! 😉

      • That very thing keeps me up at night.

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