RIP Robin Williams

Well, everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I? Here’s my tribute, if that’s what this turns out to be. I have a feeling it will.

I grew up with the man, like many of you have. When I was young I watched Mork & Mindy. I remember hearing my favorite cartoon character was being portrayed by Mork and I absolutely had to watch it. So the night it was aired on TV, I sat with my face plastered to the tube, to see Robin portraying Popeye The Sailor Man. Still, one of my favorite movies of all time.

I grew up a fan. I’ve seen almost every one of his movies. I’ve seen almost every one of his stand up specials. He was a funny guy. We all know that.

But lately I’ve felt like he was a bit much, and I could only watch him in interviews or doing stand up just a bit at a time. Because he was, at least while on camera or in front of an audience, always on. Like, I would love to have seen an interview with him where he answered all of the questions without breaking into a five minute joke that often had nothing to do with the question. Sometimes, to me, that gets to be a bit much. Jim Carrey is the same way.

When I logged on to Facebook and saw in the trending section that Robin had died, my initial thought was simply, “NO!” He’s only 63. That’s not old. Not nowadays. More importantly, he’s been around my entire life. How could he be gone now?

Then I saw it was suicide. He was depressed. I suffer from depression, and I’ve had my bouts with suicidal thoughts. I’ve even attempted suicide before. I get it. But, for a moment, I felt like it was bullshit. Like, how could I feel grief for someone who took their own life? Do they deserve to be cried for?

Well, sure they do. That thought was brief. I didn’t want to feel loss for a person who took themselves away from me. If they did it, they don’t deserve my sadness.

But that’s not true. He didn’t do it to piss me off. He didn’t even know me. And I KNOW what he’s going through. Rather, what he went through. The truth is, I’m extremely saddened by his departure from our world. Because I suffer from depression and I could easily be in his shoes. Without the fame and fortune. I wouldn’t be the top trending topic on both Twitter and Facebook. I wouldn’t have sad memes made of me. Nobody would really give a shit, other than a few people who know me. And I would be forgotten in a day or two. Robin’s legacy will be remembered for a very long time, as well it should.

After I had my thought, about how I shouldn’t be sad to lose a guy who caused that loss, I saw this, and that’s when I forgot all about the suicide and realized I’m extremely sad that he’s gone. This is when I cried.


That’s the one. Fucking Aladdin. I just noticed I named that picture wrong. Eh.

Then I read a bunch of great pieces on not just Robin Williams, but on depression as well. Because really, those who are the funniest typically are those who are depressed. Classic signs, don’t I know it. Here’s a good tribute to him, over at Hastywords. And here’s an article on Cracked by David Wong that really says what needs to be said, and is also extremely sad. It’s so well written, but damn… David really brings it home there.

On Twitter I saw a few things about him I liked. Here’s one from Satan (@SatanTweeting) “I’ve rejected Robin Williams from Hell and sent him upstairs with a note.”

I also saw Seth Macfarlane said something about it. Now, I know it’s genuine, I’m sure it is. But it still kind of pissed me off, and I responded. Here’s how that went down.


I mean really, on multiple episodes of Family Guy his characters have made fun of Robin Williams. I think it’s kind of a dick move to then come out and say his loss is tragic. If you thought that much about him, why did you make fun of him on your extremely popular show? I love Seth’s stuff, and I love Family Guy, and I understand a joke is just a joke, but damn. It just seemed kind of like a “covering his bases” kind of move.

So I tweeted this, which I’m sure you can now see in my little Twitter feed to the left…

“I bet Family Guy pushed Robin Williams over the edge.”

Sure it’s sick, but there’s a tiny hint of funny there. And if Seth has any issue with it (I’m sure he doesn’t give a fuck) then he can suck it cause his own jokes about Robin were maybe a bit much. An eye for an eye, right?

I’m sad that he’s gone, but more so, I’m sad that he never got the right amount of help he obviously needed. And there are a lot of depressed people in this world who need that same help. It’s been time to get this shit figured out, but year after year we continue to let it slide.

Please, if you need help, get it. Don’t wait until someone else makes the first move. If you know you need help, get it. It’s worth it. Trust me, I’ve been getting it for a long time now, and if I can get help you can too. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. Don’t ever forget that.

RIP Robin, thanks for the laughs buddy.

4 responses to “RIP Robin Williams

  1. My hand reaches for yours. So sad…

  2. I’m glad you are still here, and don’t you forget that…well, you can if you want, but I hope you don’t.

    • So far I’ve got a grip on my depression. I spent about 10 years on medication and learned what the other side is like, so now that I’m off of the meds I try to stay on that side without them. It’s working so far. I think I just needed help in seeing what the other side was like, and the meds helped with that. I have a deep depression, but it’s not like Robin’s, or so many others. I can control mine without meds, and I’m lucky that way. Unfortunately so many others need more help than I do, more than just medication, more than just therapy. Whatever that may be, I don’t know, but I can only hope that they all get what they need. Everybody deserves that much. And thank you, I’m glad I’m still here too, even if life does suck a lot from time to time.

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