AC/DC Rides On

For those of you who have been coming here to get your AC/DC news, that’s awesome and, there’s probably a better, more reliable source for it. Even so, my bit RIP AC/DC is still one of my most viewed pages every day, so thanks.

With that said, they’ve been in the news a lot since then, and I thought it might be time to catch up here. I’m sure you already know about it, but here it goes anyway.

Right after news broke of Malcolm’s failing health, Brian Johnson posted on his website that the band is still moving forward with a new album and a new tour to celebrate being around for 40 years. I’d link to it, but his website seems to be down at the moment. If you don’t know it and would like to check it out later, it’s

Unfortunately, Malcolm is out of the band. He’s sick, nobody knows from what, as the band and family have wished to keep the matter private, and good for them. All we can do is wish him well and hope he gets better soon. That said, I’m sure he’s still got a say in what goes on, and his spirit is definitely ingrained in the band, so he’ll never actually be out of AC/DC.

Replacing Malcolm wasn’t too hard, which is to say he can’t really be replaced anyway. I’ve been playing guitar now for a long time and I started because of AC/DC. I once looked at some tab to a few of their songs, and even though they play basic rock cords, in E, on every song, Malcolm has a way of strumming and playing his guitar that is more complex than it really needs to be. But that’s why nobody sounds quite like AC/DC.

Regardless, it was easy to find a replacement because the Young family is full of musicians. They got their nephew Stevie Young to fill in. AC/DC has been a family from the beginning, and now it’s no different. The huge and warm welcome everyone gave Brian when he first joined, I’m sure, will be the same welcome Stevie gets. He’s playing rhythm on their new album, due out later this year, and he’ll most likely be playing live with them as well.

Speaking of the new album, that article I linked to above that can also be found here, the new album is said to be as good or better than Black Ice. And Black Ice, as we all know, was one of their best albums to date. I’m pumped.

Lastly, they’ve been in the news around the web for other things lately, and I wanted to share them as well. Bon Scott was in an article on recently, for his work in the bands he was in prior to AC/DC. It’s an awesome read, as is the rest of the article about other great musical acts.

In that article there are a couple of links, and the one I really liked was of this bit written in 2010 about AC/DC, and I don’t think I’ve ever read anything on the boys as great as it was.

So there you go. Out of tragedy comes great news. The band wants to celebrate their 40th, even if their founding member can’t be there to do it with them. A new album and a new tour. The tour, I’ve read, is only supposed to be 40 cities to coincide with their 40th anniversary. What 40, nobody knows yet, I don’t think. I doubt they’ll come anywhere near me, but I’m going to try and see them anyway.

2 responses to “AC/DC Rides On

  1. Thank you for the updates. My radio station does a bit called Rock News. They’ve said some of this, too. I always think of you when they talk AC/DC cuz I know they’re your fave. Rock on dudes.

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