Super Men In Black

On and on I go with the upcoming sequels I’m actually looking forward to. I’ve already been over Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Despicable Me 3, Zombieland 2 and Army Of Darkness 2.

In this edition I’m going to go with Super Troopers 2 and Men In Black 4.

Recently, Broken Lizard, the dudes who brought us Super Troopers and other stellar films (despite what a bunch of douchebag idiots say) mentioned that they’re working on Super Troopers 2 and Weedfest. Well, there’s very little about Weedfest currently, but there’s plenty to see about Super Troopers 2. Hopefully that will be out soon. Either way, I’m just excited for another BL movie. Their stuff is awesome.

I’m sure the douchebag idiots will bitch and cry like they always do. “It’s not exactly like Super Troopers, so I HATE IT!” That’s why everyone hated Club Dread. Had it come out before Super Troopers, everyone would have loved it. But everyone wanted Super Troopers 2, and when they didn’t get it they hated it. They obviously don’t get it.

Men In Black 3 did so well, because it was probably the best of the three, that they’re planning on a fourth. They might as well get them in now before our two heroes get too old to chase aliens around anymore. So part 4 is in the works, but Will Smith said he’s not interested in doing it. That’s right. He’s got so much money now that he doesn’t need to do movies people want to see.

On the other hand, I can’t say anything bad about him because he did a great thing once and for that I’ll always be grateful. Still, though, what else are you going to do? Another box office flop? Sure, go ahead. You’re only pissing off all of your fans. But at least you got more money than all of them, BECAUSE of them.

Personally, I’d like to see it JUST BECAUSE. I wasn’t happy with the second movie, but I loved the third. I’m happy with the three that are out now and don’t really need a fourth, and really they don’t need to do one. They really don’t need to go anywhere with the story, and hell, a story with two completely new MIB dudes (or dudettes) could be fun. But I think if they plan on doing the fourth they better either do it now or not do it at all, and they better either have both Smith and Jones in on it, or two completely new guys (or gals). I don’t think Jones or Smith is going to carry it with some new person. They have a great chemistry together anyway, so it would suck to see Jones with some new person.

In my opinion, of course.

That’s it for now. Next up I’ll get into some other crap. If I feel like it, maybe.

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