Daily Prompt: Missing Sequels

If you could create a sequel to one favorite (standalone) movie, which would it be? How would it build on the original?

I’ve thought, for a very long time, about my favorite movie and how I would have loved for a sequel to come out for it. But, I’ve always wondered, what exactly the sequel would entail. Because at the end of the original, it’s over. Sure there’s a story after it, but it’s not movie worthy, and my favorite movie was a great movie. Its sequel would have to be great for it to work, or it wouldn’t, which is why I’m glad they never made one. BUT, if they could have…


I still really don’t know what the sequel would be about, and I still think about it every now and then. Especially after I watch the movie and the two main characters ride off in their respective sunsets. What happens then? Where are they going? What are they going to do? Personally, I’d love to see their stories following Flashback, but they wouldn’t be movie worthy.

If you haven’t seen Flashback, which I strongly suggest you do, there will be spoilers to it here.

Free/John Buckner (Kiefer Sutherland) was a young FBI agent who had the special task of transferring 60s hippie radical Huey Walker, via train, to Spokane, Washington. Along the way Huey escapes, the two switch persona’s for a small time, and then Buckner sets off after Huey again, only to discover the police are now after them both. They team up and hide out in Buckner’s childhood home, an old hippie commune, with Buckner’s aunt Maggie (Carol Kane). Maggie learns Buckner, real name Free, has joined the FBI. This upsets her, so she shows both he and Huey an old family film showing just how much fun Free had as a child with his parents and the rest of the hippies of the commune. Buckner has a change of heart and helps Huey escape, except he wants to go with him, and Huey doesn’t want that, the life on the road, for Buckner, his new friend.

Huey Walker (Dennis Hopper) once pulled a stunt in the 60s. Then Vice President Spiro Agnew was giving a speech to the multitude from the back of a train car in Spokane. When the speech was over, the train was to pull away from the station, pulling a waving Agnew into the sunset. When the train pulled away, Agnew was waving but he wasn’t going anywhere. The train car had been disconnected. Walker jumps out and says he did it, so he was arrested for attempting to cause bodily harm to the Vice President. BUT, he escaped the feds and went on the run for 30 years. Suddenly an anonymous call brings him back into custody in 1989 and once again he’s arrested, in San Francisco, but he has to stand trial in Spokane. He escapes from Buckner on the train, and well, you know the rest. Only he reveals to Buckner the reason he called in the anonymous tip himself was to drum up publicity for his book. After escaping from Buckner, Walker called the publisher and found out escaping wasn’t big enough to sell the book, and the only way he would be able to have a best seller is if he DIED. At the dramatic conclusion where he and Buckner are fighting against the corrupt Sheriff, Walker informs Buckner that he never disconnected Agnew’s train car, somebody else did, but he took the credit for it. Some of the police knew the truth, but since Walker was going to take credit for it, he also had to go down for it. He didn’t want to go down for it, so he spent 30 years on the run, and he hated it. With the police coming after Walker, he disconnects a train car himself and as the train, with the police and Buckner pull away up the tracks, the cars he’s on start losing momentum while going up a hill, and one officer shoots him in the chest. The cars lose control and fly off of the track and down a cliff, exploding.

Buckner decides to take time off from the FBI after he heals from being shot by the corrupt Sheriff on the train and he buys himself a motorcycle. He stops by a book store where he sees a new best seller, of the life of Huey Walker. He buys a copy, and as he’s walking out of the book store he hears someone say an autographed copy is worth money, especially if the author is dead. Walker is standing there in a suit, and freshly shaved. He arrived in a limo. He tells Buckner of how he faked his own death, how the publisher was right and now he’s a best seller, and how he was thinking of investing in some property that used to be an old hippie commune. Buckner says he’s riding off down the coast to find his parents and make amends. The movie ends with the two riding off to their respective destinations.

And that’s where I’d like to see what happened. I’d love to have seen the family reunion for Buckner, and I’d love to see how Maggie and Huey got along, which I’m sure would be very well. I loved the characters, as well as their stories, so much that I’d love to see the rest. Unfortunately Dennis Hopper passed away, so we’ll never see it, not that it would have ever been a thing anyway.

I’d like to believe that Sheriff Hightower (Cliff De Young), the corrupt asshole after both men, would somehow get out of prison and come after them again, this time with a posse. Maybe. I don’t know. I really have nothing. After all these years I still don’t know what the movie would have to be about to make it a good sequel.

Anyway, that doesn’t really answer the prompt, and this is more of a synopsis for the original movie, but I would love to have seen a sequel. It’s just like with anything good, you don’t want it to end, right?

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