The Wonders Of Facebook

It appears I write about Facebook a lot on here, and that makes me sad. For multiple reasons. One, nobody should talk about Facebook as much as I do, even if it is negatively, because Facebook isn’t worth it. Remember, even bad publicity is still publicity. And two, it makes me sad because I’m bitching about it. I’d love to say, “Facebook is such a wonderful site! It works all the time and makes sense! All of the updates they make to it are for good reasons! I just love it!” But I can’t fucking do that, because it’s the complete opposite. All of it. I hate Facebook, really to a degree that I feel a burning anger inside of me when I just think of Facebook. I fucking hate it.

And I hate it because it’s a sucky, piece of shit site. I hate it, because it’s a sucky, piece of shit site that happens to be one of the most popular sites in the world. Sure everyone bitches about how shitty it is, myself included, but we all continue to use it. Nobody has come out with a decent replacement for it. And just like the WWE, with no good competition, it can run amok with idiocy, so it does.

Here’s my current issue with it. Some brilliant person, well, it’s probably two separate people who don’t communicate at all, because that’s what Facebook operates like. It operates like all of the people who work on it don’t communicate with one another and they’re all given free reign to do whatever they want. So these brilliant people have decided to make doing the exact same thing on the actual website and on their mobile app, work differently. And it’s one of the core things you can do with the site.

So everybody knows I have an awesome page on Facebook for this here blog you’re reading right now, right? So when I’m using Facebook on my phone as ME, not as that page, and I see something cool I’d like to share to my page, I click on “Share.” Then I see a popup come up that asks me if I want to share it as me, or to a friends wall, or to a group I’m in, or to a page I manage. I choose the last one, because I want to share it to a page I manage, the page associated with this blog. The popup then shows that I’m about to post that cool thing I saw to my Beefy’s House o’ Fun page, and I click “Post,” and it does. Done and done.

BUT, I can’t do that from their actual website. I go through all of that and get to the part where I click “Post” and it tells me I’m not allowed to post to that page.

I, me, am not allowed to post shit to MY FUCKING PAGE. That’s what Facebook tells me. Because I have it set up that nobody other than me can post to the House o’ Fun page. Except not even I can post to it if I’m using my main account. I have to actually be logged in to the House o’ Fun account in order to post to it.

So yeah, there you go. Facebook just told me I can’t post shit to my own page, only so long as I’m using Facebook from my computer. If I’m using it from my phone, it’s all good and I can do what makes sense.

I’m finding out more and more that Facebook actually works better on my cell phone than it does on my computer, which is fucking sad. Except for that whole new thing where they’re forcing everybody to use their messenger app to use the messages feature on Facebook. Oh right, if you didn’t know yet, soon (maybe now) everybody will have to use the messenger app to send someone a message on Facebook on their phone instead of just sending that message within the Facebook app. The message I got from Facebook telling me about it said, “…it’s faster and more reliable.” Even they know their own products aren’t reliable.

Sure it needs work, it’s not perfect, but it still works better than their actual website. Whoever runs their cell phone division is doing a better job than those who run the actual website.

My neck is never stiff, because I’m constantly shaking my head at Facebook.

4 responses to “The Wonders Of Facebook

  1. My head just popped off. And 176984368 reason why I will never use fuckbook. I hope it gets resolved.

    • It won’t. OR, it will, but not before they add 1000 new things to the site that they don’t need and nobody wants. My favorite so far, is how they added a notification to their notification. One of these days I’m going to write about that, cause I thought maybe it was just something they were trying, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t keep that shit. Basically, it’s like if at a traffic light you got a green light to go, and then a message came up under it telling you the light was green.

  2. I find that annoying as well. TRULY. I gotta go like other pages and spend time scrolling in that feed to get stuff for my blog page. Am I a team of social media specialists?

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