The Deadites Will Rise Again

Carrying on with my updates of movie sequels I’d love to see, Sam Raimi is currently in the news right now, and at the moment the news is the number one trending story on Facebook. Sam Raimi is working on a TV show for The Evil Dead, and Bruce Campbell is going to be Ash on it.

And this is no shit. Absolutely true.

Fantastic news! Right? Well sure it is, because us Evil Dead fans will take whatever we can get, and it’s been too fucking long of a wait! I don’t count the reboot. It didn’t have the charm the original did.

I read it and I was happy at first. That was my initial reaction when I first saw the headline. But it was tainted with a moment of dread. I couldn’t figure out why at first, but then it hit me. A short while back, before Sam Raimi released Oz The Great And Powerful, he said after Oz… he was going to work on Army Of Darkness 2 and Campbell would reprise the role of Ash. And I was pumped. Everyone who was a fan of The Evil Dead trilogy was pumped. This was awesome and it needed to happen. It would be the greatest thing ever, of all time, ever.

So when I read today that The Evil Dead was going to be a TV show, I wondered just what in the hell was going to happen with Army Of Darkness 2. We’ve already seen an awesome movie with a huge fan base chanting for a sequel only to see their hopes of one flushed down a failed TV show series with Zombieland. I didn’t want to see that happen here.

Although I doubt The Evil Dead show is going to be a failure, especially at the level the Zombieland show was, I still want Army Of Darkness 2. I want it all. I’m going to be greedy and want it all dammit.

So I did some searching, since nobody was saying shit about it, and discovered this, in which last year Campbell came out and said all the talk about Army Of Darkness 2 was just a joke that got out of control.


So that’s not happening. But at least we got a TV show coming, right? Or can we trust THAT news, Bruce? Is this one for sure? Or are we going to find out next year that this is a big gag too?

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