Abigail Breslin, Zombies, And Sequels

In trying to keep up with those movie sequels that I’d love to see happen, I decided to check out if Zombieland 2 was ever going to be a thing. Sure there was that horrific failure of a TV show Amazon did, or attempted to do, but that doesn’t count. Fans of the first movie are still hoping for a sequel with the stars from the first film, not some terrible, second rate, “OTHER” them. It turns out that right now, it’s not a thing. Go figure, and oh well.

So I looked up the actors on IMDB and had a look around to see what they’re up to. Of course we all know what the three are doing, Eisenberg, Watson and Harrelson (who just turned 53 by the way), but what about Abigail “Little Rock” Breslin? What is she up to?

She was a little cutie back in 2009’s Zombieland, but that was five years ago. And guess what guys, she’s grown up, become legal, and she’s filled out. Here she is in Zombieland, on the left.

Awww. Here she is at 18.




She’s even in a movie called “The Call” in her bra. I haven’t seen it yet, but from the pictures it looks like she’s about to get her head cut open and her brain extracted. Nice.


So yeah, now that she’s legal and filling out very well, she’s now a part of my hot-chicks-I’d-totally-bang-hard-list. I’m sure she’s proud. I am.

So there you go. She’s hot. Wait, there was another point to this blog. OH RIGHT, zombies. She’s in another movie, yet to be released, called “Maggie.” It’s a zombie movie, and her dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Really. Seriously.

Also in the news, as far as highly anticipated sequels are concerned, Ghostbusters 3 has been officially announced by Dan Aykroyd. This isn’t the first time he’s announced it, but he made this one pretty big. So we’ll see.

That’s all I got for now, but I plan on looking a few more up in the coming days. Oh, if you didn’t know, “Pirates Of The Caribbean 5” and “Despicable Me 3” have both been announced for 2017. And I’m looking forward to both. As long as POTC5 is better than POTC4.

4 responses to “Abigail Breslin, Zombies, And Sequels

  1. I actually predicted back in her Little Miss Sunshine days that she would be hot when she got older. I don’t know if I should be proud of this prediction.

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