Blocking Facebook Game Requests


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14 responses to “Blocking Facebook Game Requests

  1. Sagely advice, I also recommend a Firefox extension called Social Fixer. It sounds like an ethnic cleansing program, but it’s actually fantastic for ripping out all of the bullshit bells and whistles Facebook has strapped on and pretty much customises your page to be exactly what you want (remember the days when websites, themselves, actually let you choose how you wanted to use their site?).

    I have practically nothing in my sidebar anymore; no ads at the side of the news feed, no breaking news stories, no game invites, no people you may know and no other flash-heavy horseshit that cripples my browser every time I load the front page. It was one of the best mods I’ve ever found, and I recommend it to everyone who likes the practical uses of Facebook but hates sifting through all the click-baiting crap they use to try and reel morons in.

    • That’s excellent. I don’t use Firefox, every time I did something bad happened. I keep it on Opera. It’s not perfect, but it has things I like and can’t seem to get anywhere else. But that extension, it sounds amazing. Yeah, I remember the days of nice websites that weren’t piles of shit.

      • I didn’t even realise Opera was still a thing! I stopped using it after it wouldn’t stop crashing and opening new windows on my shitty old computer. Firefox does have its share of problems, for true, but I think most of them are due to Flash being absolutely fucked these days (and of course, they try to blame it on absolutely everything other than themselves.)

        I just checked and apparently you can get Social Fixer for Opera too, though, so might be worth checking out.

      • I definitely will check that out. Yeah, Opera does love to crash. That’s my biggest problem with it.

      • I might write up a review of it once I get used to it and have something to write about, but here’s what happened. First, I went to my browser and told it to download the newest version. It said I was using the newest version, which was 12. I went to look for Social Fixer and couldn’t find it on Opera’s app page, which is something I never knew existed. I’m about to have some fun with this shit. I went to Social Fixer’s website and clicked the download button and it said I needed Opera’s newest version. I checked, it’s version 25, more than double what version I have that’s telling me it’s the newest version. So I got the new Opera, and life is suddenly looking good for me. This new browser is amazing (so far) and now that I got Social Fixer going, Facebook is almost awesome again (it’s still fucking Facebook)! So yeah man, thanks for the hookup! This is some awesome shit!

      • I’m glad it could help, I try to spread the Social Fixer word wherever I can. Re: your update situation, I’m currently in a weird kind of limbo myself, where I’m too scared to update any one thing in case it topples the house of cards I’ve constructed out of mods and add-ons just to make websites like Youtube run efficiently, since there’s no fucking chance of the people in charge of them making a change for the better (at time of writing the Larger Screen button on Youtube has suddenly stopped working for me, seemingly because of the shitty new auto-resizing ‘feature’ they’ve added).

      • Oh yeah, Google has efficiently ruined everything they’ve touched. Youtube is a pile of shit. I’m lucky if I can get anything to play. I’ve noticed one problem since updating my Opera, on WordPress I can no longer see the tiny blog pictures associated with any of my blogs. They’re just small white boxes now. And it’s not just for my blogs, it’s for any blog that uses WordPress.

      • I’m not sure what to suggest to fix that, outside of clearing the cache and seeing if it just needs to reset some stuff. Like I say, this is why updating worries me; you never know what will be fixed and what will get irreparably fucked.

      • Cache has been cleaned. I sent an email to Opera to find out what to do. I just don’t understand why shit has to change, all the time. Nobody puts out a product anymore and leaves it as is. I don’t understand that.

      • I figured it out just now. Ghostery was blocking it. Funny, because it wasn’t blocking it before I upgraded Opera.

      • I think there’s just something weird about WordPress, to be honest; I’ve been running NoScript for years and WordPress is the only website that constantly fights it, in annoying little ways.

      • Yeah, some sites are built that way. To be bastards. I was going to host this site on my own cause I’ve had offers to put ads on it and making money for being an idiot would be awesome. I followed everything WordPress said about downloading my shit and then uploading it to a host, and it didn’t work. That was the free option. Naturally I could PAY them to do it for me. Wonder why the free option didn’t work… wonder why I still don’t have ads on my site…

  2. Hahaha! Excellent tutorial! Fucking Facebook games…

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