Food Review: Skyline Chili

This is really for those of you who are located around the Cincinnati area and know of Skyline. The rest of you can bugger off. Really, get to fuck. Cause you won’t have a clue about what I’m talking about.

A few years back Skyline introduced habañero cheese for a limited time only. It went over so well they brought it in full time. Just a few years ago I worked at a Skyline and dealt with this cheese. There’s a Skyline right down the road from me and my wife and I eat there regularly, and have for years.


The last time we went there to eat we noticed in the menu that the habañero cheese came with an extra charge. I was blown away. It has never cost extra to get that cheese. It doesn’t cost the company more than the regular mild cheddar they always have, or at least it didn’t. So why are they now charging extra?

Are all Skylines doing this?

Today my wife and I went there to eat and again I brought it up. Our waitress, whom I’ve never seen there, said exactly what the last waitress said. “We’ve always charged for it.”

I guess they didn’t know that we weren’t born fucking yesterday and we’ve been eating at Skyline for a long time. Because uh, no the fuck they haven’t always charged for it.

I feel like I’m being mocked when they say that shit. Like, they’re saying I’m a fucking retard and don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.


It was extra special today, when our waitress asked my wife and I if we were on the same check or separate. Seriously? First time for everything. Like CHARGING EXTRA FOR HABAÑERO CHEESE.

I love that damn cheese, but I’m not going to pay extra for it when it’s clearly a case of price gouging. Never mind that Skyline’s prices are too damn high to begin with. They know us Cincinnati-ans love Skyline and we’ll pay whatever they ask for it, but holy shit, I’m not going to pay more for the hot cheese. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but without the hot cheese I’m actually enjoying Skyline less.

I’ll be damned if I switch to Gold Star though.

15 responses to “Food Review: Skyline Chili

  1. I dunno about the hot cheese. I’ve never ordered it or eaten it or served it. But I do so love how people do that, “It’s always been this way” thing at restaurants. For instance, when a certain cunt regularly fucked up my drink at Starbucks. Finally, I told her, “I used to have your job, back when people had manners, and that’s not how it’s done.” She then refused to make my drink, and gave everyone in there a show, which was awesome, because then a more reliable barista would make it for me EVERY TIME.

    I ate Skyline last fall, and it was yummy. I am not in a hurry to go back, though, I must admit. Too many other good places to eat. Will wait til I have a hankerin.

    I tell you, things are shrinkin. Chips Ahoy, Ritz crackers…Companies are charging more for less. It’s an epidemic.

  2. I honestly have no clue. I eat at Gold Star. Lol.

  3. Steven Thompson

    To me Gold Star Chili is hands down better tasting and thicker then that watery garbage shit of Skyline Chili.

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