Crips, Bloods, And Juggalos

Making its rounds in the news lately, is a story about how the Insane Clown Posse is suing the FBI for labeling their fans, “Juggalos,” a gang. A great piece (much better than the original one I read) about it can be found here, including two Youtube videos of the two members of ICP, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, speaking out against the FBI and this ruling.

Despite what you think of ICP or their fans, this is complete bullshit on every level. Seriously. You can hate them all you want, but it’s like saying if you’re a fan of Green Day or Martina McBride, and you wear one of their shirts out in public, the cops can stop you and add your name to a database that says you’re in a gang. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving to work, or if you’re out with your family enjoying a picnic, or if you’re in the armed forces.

Let’s say you forgot to do laundry one day but you had to run to the store for milk so you could feed your little kids some cereal, and you throw on an ICP shirt because it’s laying around. You bought it back in 1994 at one of their concerts when you were thirteen. Now you’re a 33 year old marine who just came home from a tour overseas and you’re spending your last day at home with your kids before you have to go back. You go to the store to get some milk and BAM! You’re pulled over by the cops, they see your shirt, and now you’re in a database as a gang member. Thanks for fighting for our freedom and having to feed your kids whom you might never see again after today. Fucking gang member. Who are you to listen to music when you were barely a teenager twenty years ago?

ICP Hatchetman. This is a gang symbol. Good job, FBI.

ICP Hatchetman. This is a gang symbol. Good job, FBI.

Speaking of driving to work… that piece I linked to above tells of a man who has been listening to ICP since they formed 20+ years ago. He owns a trucking company and has a picture of their hatchetman on his truck. While legally owning and operating a business and trying to make it succeed, he’s constantly pulled over by the police because of his “gang affiliation.”

That marine bit I sarcastically wrote about above? That actually happened to US Army recruit Scott Gandy, who had to spend hundreds of dollars to cover up Juggalo tattoos because they said they were gang related body art.

Violent J speaks in one of those videos on how a man could have been a fan of ICP 15 years ago and had a hatchetman tattoo on his forearm, but now he’s a dentist and has a family. One day he’s driving down the street with his wife and kids in the car and he’s pulled over and the cop decides to put him in the gang database because he’s got a 15 year old tattoo on his arm.

Violent J has a point. Over 10 years ago I got one of those tattoos on my arm. Lucky for me it’s my upper arm and my shirts always cover it. But still, I don’t listen to them anymore, I was basically a stupid kid getting a tattoo. Now I’m in a gang? I’m against gangs and gang activity, but because I got a tattoo over ten years ago I’m considered a gang member by the FBI?

Fuck you, FBI. You don’t know me. It’s obvious you don’t know much of anything.

Now I’m supposed to go pay money I don’t have, to have a tattoo covered up with something else, that could potentially, ten or more years down the road, turn into a new gang symbol? Fucking hell. Despite not listening to them anymore, I wanted to keep that tattoo because I can dig a dude running around with a hatchet, and I DID enjoy their music at one point in my life and the tattoo reminds me of that time. Not just their music, but of that age I was. That point in my life. It was a good time. I had money for tattoos then.

But now I can barely pay my bills and I’m barely surviving, but instead I have to take food off of my plate so that I can have a fucking tattoo covered up so I won’t be considered a gang member if an authority figure sees it.

That’s the dumbest shit I think I’ve ever fucking heard in my life. Seriously. Does it get any fucking dumber than that?

These are the people who run things, folks. These are the people who control our lives. These are the people who are supposed to be upholding the laws that we’re supposed to live by. And they’re saying regular people who listen to music are in a gang because of the music they listen to. Never mind that being fucking bullshit in and of itself, the band in question is ICP!

I’ve known many “Juggalos” over the years and none of them were bad people. Some of them can be idiots, and some of them can be a little over the top. But gang members? Hardly. If they are in a gang, it has nothing to do with ICP.

I don’t have the words to properly say how fucking stupid this is. I seriously looked up a bunch of words and couldn’t find one. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use the phrase “this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard” again, because THIS IS THE DUMBEST SHIT I’VE EVER FUCKING HEARD.

Do the FBI have nothing better to do? The best part about all of this is about the judge…

District Judge Robert Cleland dismissed the lawsuit claiming that ICP and its fans lack standing. In his opinion, Cleland says that the FBI and the Justice Department cannot be held responsible for the actions of local law enforcement.

How about you’re quite obviously basing your opinion on what you think of ICP and their music, instead of the basis of this problem? Because quite obviously you’re a terrible judge. They lack standing? The whole premise of Juggalos being ruled a gang by the FBI lacks standing. They’re fans of a musical act. At no point in the history of time has the fans of any musical act been considered a gang. That’s including all of the fans of gangsta rap.

The FBI can’t be held responsible? If it wasn’t for them and their retarded fucking labeling of music fans, none of this would be happening. So yeah, it’s kind of all their fault. If they can’t be held responsible, then why do they have power at all?

Judge Robert Cleland is a fucking dipshit. God forbid anybody has to rely on him to help them convict a rapist or a murderer, because he quite clearly can’t see right from wrong past his gigantic vagina. Maybe if he douched once in a while he might understand how wrong this is. If he took an oath to protect the law, he’s doing a fine job in failing at that.

Where did common sense go? Did it ever actually exist? Was it just a fairy tail? I believe in common sense, but it’s quite clear neither the FBI or Judge Dipshit have any sort of a clue what it is.

The only thing I can say against ICP in this is about something Violent J said. “…discrimination and bigotry against any group of people is just plain wrong and un-American.”

Yeah, it is wrong, but it’s not un-American. That’s the American way. Discrimination and bigotry is what this country was founded on. Or have you forgotten? Racism, bigotry, and discrimination are all alive and well in 2014, and the FBI, along with Judge Dipshit, are helping prove that right now. This country is so full of shit, we need a really good flush, because I think it’s backed up.

Aside from that, ICP, keep fighting the fight. Because this is some terribly stupid crap. If justice doesn’t prevail here, I’ll just have to lose all hope that things will get better in this country, especially considering more pressing matters. Because this shouldn’t even be an issue. The fact that it is scares me. I’m all on your side with this ICP, good luck. You’ll need it.

We’re all in trouble folks, all of us. Yes, you too. Because if this sort of thing can be allowed to happen, just think of everything else that can, and will, go wrong in good ol’ “U.S. of Hell In A Hand Basket.”

11 responses to “Crips, Bloods, And Juggalos

  1. Back from buggering off from your last post ;-). I’ve heard about ICP and the “gang” association. It makes me want to get that tat, just because. Really, rights are a formality. At some point in time you will be crucified because you wiped the wrong way.

  2. That is bizarre.
    My friend Nicole was just sayin how camo isn’t allowed at her state fair anymore. (SC) Seems camo is now gang member clothing. I’m thinkin there are a lotta good ol’ boys pretty bent outta shape about that.

  3. LOL I just told this to Jake, your grocery store milk bit, and he was all, “WHO?!?” He was overseas as a Marine for the better part of the 90’s!

  4. I tried to listen to ICP once and my ears still haven’t forgiven me. That being said, this is stupid. You know who’s fans are more likely to be gang members? Rappers, because many of them rap about being in gangs and glorify the “thug life.” This is moronic.

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