Daily Prompt: Wrong Turns

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.

Sadly, I don’t get lost much. It’s sad, because I love getting lost. Only if I have enough gas.

Years ago, for fun, my friends and I would drive around all night long, trying to get lost. One friend and I drove around the area so much we swore we could draw a map of the county we live in just from memory. Great times.

We’d often go out before dark on a summer night and be out until 4 in the morning. Just driving. That’s back when gas didn’t cost so much. We loved discovering new places and seeing new things. Well, new to us.

When I was a kid my dad and I would drive around all day long. It was how we spent quality time together. He’d take me way out into the country and show me all kinds of cool places. At the time, things weren’t great at home, so that’s how we would get away from it for a while.

When I got old enough to drive, I still had that love for the road and would often take drives, as I said, with whomever was willing to go along. There was always somebody. Now it’s hard to find anybody who wants to just go driving all night, because everybody has families and what not. But that’s why I deliver pizzas until the wee hours of the morning, in neighborhoods I’m not very familiar with. I almost always get to see something new and cool.

I love it. I hate that gas is so much, but I still try to get out and drive around. The country is my favorite place to go, but finding new cities, especially the smaller ones, is always fun. It’s also a great way to clear my head and think about things, if anything is on my mind. There usually is. It’s also a great way to experience odd things and have stories to tell.

Like one time when my buddy and I were out driving and we had a ghost truck follow us. That’s a story I haven’t shared yet on my Cincinnati Ghosts blog. (EDIT: It’s now posted.)

It was late, we were in the country, and we were on a long country road. Miles behind us we saw another vehicle. It was so far behind us the headlights appeared as one light. As we traveled, the vehicle got closer and closer to us until it was right behind us, pushing us down the road. We got to State Line Road, right near the intersection of 129 and 126, at the Ohio and Indiana border. We turned on to State Line and drove up the hill. My buddy pulled into a driveway to let the guy pass us. When we turned onto the road we looked behind us and saw the truck, an old beat up faded red F-150, turn onto the road behind us. When we pulled into the driveway we both turned to watch it pass us, but it didn’t. Nothing was there. When we drove back down to the road we had been on we looked in every driveway and not only was that truck not in any of the driveways, but nobody was getting out of a car, there were no brake lights, nothing. It was just gone. When we got back to the main road we had been on, 129, there was a dog in our lane and we had to drive around it to get by it. It wasn’t looking at us and it never moved from its spot. It only stared in the direction of where we had last seen that truck. *cue eerie music*

We saw all kinds of cool stuff, but mostly, we had a good time. And getting lost was the only way to have that happen. If you don’t get lost, you don’t experience anything cool. More importantly, if you don’t get lost, you don’t learn how to find your way home. This was all back before GPS, so we had to rough it out.

We also used to chase spot lights. If we saw one in the sky while driving around, we HAD to go find out where it was coming from. That was always fun.

The point is, I know gas is super expensive now, but if you have never gone out for a night of driving around and getting lost, you have no idea what fun is. Try it some time, you might enjoy yourself.

7 responses to “Daily Prompt: Wrong Turns

  1. I used to like driving, too. Just go somewhere, anywhere, with the music turned up. Sadly, gas is expensive and kids are rowdy, so I don’t get to do that anymore.

  2. Likewise. I love getting lost. Pick a road and go. No map and no GPS. Just a sense. So much fun.

    The ghost truck sounds spooky cool.

    • Oh my lord, so much fun. My buddy and I used to take this chick out, she was a friend of the family, and we would let her drive. Only she wasn’t comfortable driving where she didn’t know, so we taught her how to get lost. It was fun. I’m going to write up that truck story better and post it on my ghost blog. I can’t believe I forgot to post it lol.

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  4. If you’re interested, here’s that ghost truck story in full. http://cincinnatighosts.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/the-ghost-truck/

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