Fuck You, Microsoft

Is anybody else having this issue? I have an Xbox 360 and I’ve got it hooked up to the internet. I USED to play online, but haven’t for a while. The only reason I have it hooked up online is to use Netflix.

My wife and I play a video game together. One. Almost every day. In order to play this game, she has to login as a second player. If I just play it myself, no problems. But when she goes to login, every fifth time it asks her to validate her email. She’s tried numerous times, yet every time it says there’s an issue and it won’t allow her to do it. So we’re now forced to see that all the fucking time.

But now… NOW… it won’t let us login at all. It asks ME to verify my email and password. When I go to do it, it has both saved from the last time, which I told it to do, and then it says it can’t validate because of an error. And then WE CAN’T PLAY THE GAME. It won’t let us play the game. We’re not trying to play it online. We’re just wanting to play it. Two player action. On our TV. That’s it.

I have a video game system that won’t let me play video games.

I’m so fucking sick and tired of this shit. All I want to do is play video games. That’s it. No more, no less. And my video game system won’t allow me to play them.

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES A FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THIS? I’m so fucking pissed right now I can’t think straight. I don’t even know how to tackle this problem. I went to Xbox’s website and was lost. I’m so fucking mad I can’t even fucking think. Because the logic here just… it’s a video game console, and it won’t let me play video games. Of all the things needed to play video games (a console, a controller, a video game) not having my email address and password validated (WHICH THEY ALREADY FUCKING ARE) shouldn’t have any god damn effect on it. At all.

This is why you suck, Microsoft. This is why you’re a joke. This is why you’re a gigantic piece of shit. Fuck you, you suck, I’m done with you. I’m trading this shitty 360 in and from here on I’ll only play my Genesis. You know, a video game system that allows you to play video games! Imagine that.

Soon I’ll be completely done with you, Microsoft. Fuck you, your “game” systems, and your shitty fucking operating systems, which barely fucking operate. Fuck you, fuck you.

Fuck you.

9 responses to “Fuck You, Microsoft

  1. Have you tried just unplugging the network cord?

    • No, but I’m sure that will work. That isn’t the issue. The issue is, I shouldn’t have to deal with this at all. Ever. Because it’s a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. Its main objective before anything else should be to play video games. And it isn’t.

      • I agree that it’s complete bullshit you have to, but I second the advice. When I wanted to play Farcry 3’s multiplayer locally, it kept getting stuck in an endless loading loop. Turns out that Ubisoft’s shitty fucking servers were humped, so even though I wasn’t trying to play online anyway, it wanted to connect to the servers and kept crashing.

        Eventually I had to quit out the game and turn off the internet for my entire console. All so I could play the offline part of my stupid fucking game.

        And that was on PS3, so I’m sorry to say all modern consoles are fucked, and this is why I’m slowly giving up on them and moving back to PC, where I can at least get balls deep in the registry and gut out all of Microsoft’s shitty, backwards design.

      • Yeah, ok. I’ll do it. I know, these newer consoles are just terrible. OH LOOK! GRAPHICS! ONLINE PLAY! APPS! And you might be able to play a game. Fucking dicks. Anyway, I’ll just unplug it. I’m thinking of getting one of those Chrome TV things for the Netflix so I won’t have to worry about online play at all then. I’ve also been considering going with PC gaming anyway, so yeah. I’ll just disconnect it.

      • Yeah, I know. I was just, um, trying to be helpful…

      • And you were. I didn’t mean to come off as yelling at you, I’m just fucking pissed about this shit. It’s such crap. It reminds me of that scene in Grandma’s Boy where he’s showing his grandma how to play his video game on an Xbox. He tells her to push this button for this, and that button for that and then she says, “How do you make him walk?” Yeah, the simplest thing, but he forgot to tell her how to do it. That’s me to Xbox. All that other shit is great, but can I play a fucking game?

      • I think that’s just how it is, any more. I haven’t played PS3 or PS4, but I have no reason to doubt it’s any different. Even the games I play on my PC want me to log into shit. They just want to sell you more shit.

      • Yup. So we unplugged the 360 and played the game just fine. Sad. So sad.

      • Yeah….bastards.

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