Awesome Animals: Lightning Bugs!

Recently I saw someone posted about having seen lightning bugs already. Can’t remember if it was Joey at her blog or someone else on Facebook or who. I was pissed. Around my parts it always takes forever to get them, but once we do we REALLY get them.

Their asses light up. That means they don't give a fuck. Source

Their asses light up. That means they don’t give a fuck. Source

I was driving around different areas and saw a bunch, whether in the country over some field, like a bunch of tiny UFOs abducting tiny cows, and near a river. Across the street from my house is a big field that has a creek running through it, and that creek circles around and flows behind my house. I always thought it strange that it took so long for us to get them little bugs that have the light up assholes, but I’m glad that we always do.

Of course I caught them as a kid and put them in a jar with some grass and sticks to create their natural habitat. When I was younger, I learned that I could catch and keep them because of this boy who caught them and experimented with cryogenic freezing. He put some lightning bugs in a sandwich bag with a bunch of ice. The ice cubs squished them all, and eventually he just had glowing water in the bag. When I got a little older I would go outside with a wiffle ball bat and hit a bunch of them until the bat glowed.

I was so excited just a moment ago when I stepped outside and saw my driveway lit up with them. I got my cell phone out and took some pictures of them.

Aren't they beautiful!

Aren’t they beautiful!

I saw a bunch in my back yard, so I took one of them there too.

The creek is back there.

The creek is back there.

Lightning bugs rule. Or Fireflies, if you will. Whatever you call them, I’m sure you’ve seen them. Here’s the question… what colors have you seen? Or “colours” if you’re British. They’re mostly yellow around here, with some green. In my life I’ve seen a couple red ones and some awesomely blue ones. Those seem to be the most scarce.

6 responses to “Awesome Animals: Lightning Bugs!

  1. Lightning bugs are one of the best parts of summer.

  2. This is actually the first year my lil ones have seen lightning bugs (that they can remember.) We didn’t have them in Georgia and they weren’t at The Palace of Rules last summer! SO SAD! Last night was their first adventure out, and they caught three. I assume this will continue and they’ll catch more.
    I think they’re marvelous.

    (can’t see your pics here — just blackness — is that on purpose, or a glitch?)

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