McDonald’s Employees Need More Money

Despite what some may feel, the United States minimum wage should be almost $22 an hour. That’s what reports, and those of us making minimum wage, say.

Some states have just passed bills raising their own minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is nice and definitely better than $7.25. But in all of the other places where minimum wage is that disgusting $7.25, people are pissed. Namely, those working for McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food chain.

And I get it. I’m a minimum wage kinda guy myself. Not that I want to be, but eh, shit happens. Recently, Micky D’s CEO Don Thompson said their wages are perfect just where they are and fuck what his employees think. Maybe not in those words, but when you’re making over $9 million a year, you can say whatever the fuck you want.

But wait… he changed his mind. He said he would support a raise to $10.10 an hour, which might make some employees happy, but it’s still a bit off from what they want.

McDonald’s employees are pushing for $15 an hour and they’ve recently held boycotts to push their point. McDonald’s responded by having the boycotters, their own employees, arrested.

This will be programmed to get your order wrong.

This will be programmed to get your order wrong.

Personally, I think minimum wage is a joke and should be raised. Of course I think that, because I already said I’m a minimum wage kind of guy. So naturally I’d like to make more money. Who wouldn’t? Don Thompson would love to make more money, I’m sure, even though he clears $9 million a year. That’s a lot of happy meals. VERY happy meals.

But do McDonald’s employees deserve a raise? In my experience with them, I say no. I’ve dealt with some who do their jobs efficiently and get things right. But as we all know, there are a lot who don’t give much of a shit and constantly get things wrong. And I seriously doubt more money is going to make them work better.

For instance, I stopped at a McDonald’s today. I really hate to because I’m not a big fan of their food or their attitudes, or even their ability to not get shit right. I mean, it’s your fucking job. If you can’t do it right, you shouldn’t be allowed to do it at all, and you definitely don’t deserve more money to do it. But, I was in a hurry and there it was.

I decided to try something different. I looked on the menu and saw the Southwest Chicken Sandwich. Did I say that right? McSouthwest McChicken McSandwich. It looked promising. So I pulled up to the speaker and was asked what I wanted. I told the girl I wanted the Southwest Chicken Sandwich and I wanted to add cheese to it. I saw it come up on the screen. She then asked, “Is that it?” like she had somewhere to be. I said that it was not it and I continued to order. After everything I ordered I got “Is that it?” in a hurried tone. Awesome.

I pulled away from the restaurant and dug into the bag, eager to try something new that might not be a regular food item from McDonald’s. I saw the box…


It looks right. Impressive. I opened the box and instantly saw there was no cheese. Anywhere. There was none in the bag (no napkins either, of course), no coupon for a slice of cheese with a later purchase, nothing. No cheese. But, it was there on that piece of paper taped to the box, and I paid for it. Ah, typical.

Also, the chicken looked a bit small, and didn’t look a thing like what was on the picture. I was confused, because what I had on my sandwich looked familiar, and not what I had ordered at all. So I took a bite and discovered my guesses were correct. First, here are some more pictures of what I got.

First, I checked the box to make sure I got the right box. Maybe they taped the paper to the wrong thing…


Nope, right box. This is strange, but not out of the ordinary. I had, after all, just received food from McDonald’s. After I took my first two bites I decided to get a shot of the sandwich, not just to show you what it is, but that there was, in fact, no cheese.



Never mind no cheese, does that look familiar to you? That’s right, it’s NOT a piece of chicken, it’s a fucking Filet-O-Fish. Not only did they not give me the cheese I paid for, but they gave me an entirely different fucking sandwich. A cheaper sandwich, too.

The Southwest Chicken Sandwich is a crispy chicken breast with pickles on a bun. The Filet-O-Fish is a square piece of deep fried breaded fish, cheese, pickles, and tartar sauce on a bun.

So essentially, they gave me the wrong sandwich and made that fucking sandwich wrong too! Hey, when they fuck up, they go all out. At least I paid for it.

I got to where I was going and complained about it only to find out others at the party I was going to had stopped at that same location before me and had also gotten their order wrong.

We’re firing on all cylinders here. Batting 100. Whatever you prefer.

This is why I hate McDonald’s and why I think that until they clean up their shit and hire employees who give at least half a fuck about their performance, then their employees don’t deserve more money to do a piss poor job.

9 responses to “McDonald’s Employees Need More Money

  1. I go to McD’s fairly regularly to get fountain cokes. The girls have a thing for their choccie shakes, so maybe once a month (more in summer) we go get those. About twice a year, we eat there. I am not a fan of the food, or the service. But I think the employees there deserve a living wage. I think everyone does. I haven’t earned minimum wage since I was 17 and working for minimum-training wage, $3.35 at the mall. I worked there to pay for teenager shit, like gas money and cd’s — my parents fed and housed me. No adult should be earning less than it takes to house and feed themselves, period. I am fed up with greed.

    • Exactly. I got into an argument on Twitter with someone who thinks if they don’t like what they’re getting paid they should educate themselves and get a better job. So I guess everyone in this country who wants to be able to survive should be a lawyer or a doctor. Not everybody can be those things. If everybody was, we’d have no restaurants or places to shop. Oh, she was also the type of person who says it’s impossible to make too little, it’s all in how you save and spend your money. My mom is the same way with that shit.

      Also I’d like to say that it would be amazing if I could go to McDonald’s only twice a year.

      • Learn to cook, and better, learn to enjoy cooking. It saves ALAWT of money.
        No, we can’t just say, “all uneducated people should be paid too little to live on.” How would we qualify the people who ARE educated and take jobs in service and retail because some money is better than naught? Who will check in our dry cleaning or sell us air filters or make our shakes?
        I hate how the working man is devalued, as if poor equals less of a person.
        Everyone knows what their bills are. Everyone knows shit comes up. People need enough of one, and some of the other. Period.

      • I know how to cook. And I wish I felt like cooking more. The problem is, we never have grocery money, OR the time to cook, OR the desire to cook. We’re tired all the time. And when we’re hungry, we’re hungry. There’s no planning for cooking cause we just don’t have the time to. When we do have the time, we cook. But that’s very rare.

      • Yes, your schedules are prolly pretty whack, the way you guys work. There are a whole buncha people who spend a day cooking to prepare meals for the whole week — any chance y’all have the same day off? lol

      • Maybe once a month do we get the same day off together. I just find it awesome that you said “whack.”

  2. MaggotDonalds is definitely last on my list. I rarely go. I hate those double order islands at the drive thru. McDouble the confusion.

    • Yeah, those are pretty fucking pointless. I know of one near me that didn’t have the extra space in the parking lot for the double drive thru, so they kept the one drive thru but added two microphones. So now if you’re the only one in line and you get to the first microphone, it’s weird because the ONE MENU is up ahead of you and you can’t figure out what the fuck is going on. Even seeing the next microphone is confusing. It’s all so stupid.

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